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Few people work harder, put in longer hours, or carry more on their shoulders than today’s business owners. That is why taking care of yourself is something crucial you have to factor in. Whether you’re stressing over ways to get your start-up off the ground, or covering the bases of your existing business. You are probably in serious need of a self-care time-out.

taking care of yourself

You may argue, saying you don’t have time for taking care of yourself. However, the cost of not doing so, is greater in the long run. Here are some tips that will help you take good care of yourself so you can stay focused on your business. 

“Without Sleep, We All Become Tall Two-Year-Olds” — Jo Jo Jensen

We’re just asking for trouble when we deny ourselves a decent and regular night’s sleep. We become more accident-prone and more apt to make bad decisions. Making bad decisions can reduce productivity. Though, some wear their sleep deprivation like a badge of honor, is the price they pay for putting in the long hours.

However, poor sleep is actually bad for business. Many feel they can’t let go for a minute, that the business will fail without them. But when running yourself to the point of illness will lower productivity will cost more in the end. Being exhausted creates poor performance and can cause more downtime than just taking a couple of days off. You can easily avoid these types of situations just by taking care of yourself.

“If You Really Want to Grow as an Entrepreneur, Learn to Delegate.” — Richard Branson      

Learning to delegate is an art and an exercise in trust. Knowing how to build a website isn’t necessary, you can hire someone to do that for you. You don’t have to know all there is about market research, there are firms that specializes in that. Get trusted employees to tally up the day’s receipts and avoid you having to stay late to do it.

You’ll have more time for taking care of yourself. Which will, in turn, allow you to be more effective at your job. It would make it much easier on a janitorial service if you weren’t there after hours.

“I Have a Two Story House and a Bad Memory, So I’m Up and Down Those Stairs All the Time, That’s My Exercise.” — Betty White 

Whether we’re climbing stairs at home or the stair-master at the gym. Exercise is one of the best ways of taking care of yourself that you can do. Start off with just 15 minutes a day and learn how to incorporate that into your schedule. Even 15 to 30 minutes a day is enough to get your heart pumping, and loosens joints Exercise also gets you up and away from the screen. You should incorporate this in you daily routine, and make it a regular schedule.

If you really want a good reason to work out, get some awesome workout gear. Look at getting some comfortable shoes and gym leggings Attire that makes your workout more comfortable. Get a fitness tracker that monitors your progress and heart rate. Don’t forget the original transportation method, walking. Whenever possible, always walk instead of driving.

“In This World, Nothing Is Certain but Death and Taxes” — Benjamin Franklin 

Smart structuring of your business can relieve you of a lot of headaches and perhaps a lot of taxes. LLCs alleviate headaches by protecting your personal assets. They require less paperwork than other corporate structures, and eliminate what’s commonly referred to as double taxation. It’s easy to form your LLC yourself as long as you follow a guide that lays it out for you. Different states have different laws, so be sure and follow the one that’s specific.

Implementing an easy to use accounting system is another practice that can be a boon to both your business and your well-being. Having cloud-based software that is functional from anywhere, means you aren’t tied to the office to do business. The right software will provide tools you need to properly evaluate your business and make good decisions. Best of all, a good software can scale with your business. Meaning you won’t have to worry about changing systems as your business grows.

“Outer Order Contributes to Inner Calm” — Gretchen Ruben

Your home should truly feel like a home base. A place where you’re safe to unwind, relax and leave the day’s work behind you. Having a home that has quiet places to sit and read, meditate, work a jigsaw puzzle. Anything that helps you unwind, can be the reward for all your hard work.

If there’s tension in your home, it could be the house itself is contributing to that stress. Look for ways to make your home more calming. Get rid of clutter or introducing plants and fresh air. Look into the ancient practice of Feng Shui or use crystals and smudging to release any bad energy. Your home should contribute to you taking care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself is one of the best business decisions you can make. Don’t put it off. Your health and the health of your business depend on it. Always stay positive and keep moving forward.