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Make Life A Little Easier With Technology

make life easier with technology

You might be wondering how something like Technology can be a life enrichment. Technology can make life easier with reminders, vitals monitoring to communications. Which makes life's tasks less stressful.

Life is tough and chaotic enough as it is. But having to remember every detail of each day, or communications you have to manage. Not even including trying to take care of your own health. Then there are those irritating things you are not sure if you did or not.

What Technology Improvements Can Do For You

There are those that buy new technology and gadgets just to have them. Then there are those that actually get them to utilize the tools they provide. You can make life easier with technology, by applying it to task that adds to the grind of everyday life.

Almost everyone wakes up with a “To Do” list every day. Trying to remember every appointment can add stress. Cell phones have been around for a while and most are Smart Phones now, so they do more. But how often are you trying to do something with your hands and talk on the phone? How many times have you got to work and wondered if you actually locked the front door? Are you trying to watch your calories or blood pressure?

As single task, it isn’t that much but when you add them all together, plus all the interaction you have with other people day to day, it gets overwhelming and creates stress. Then all that stress, starts wearing your spirit down. This leads to low to know inspiration, then to no confidence and more down the hole.

Let The Age Of Technology Work For you

No matter if you have and use, a Smart Phone, Smart Watch, iPad, Tablet, Laptop or a Desktop Computer. These are tools that can greatly be a valuable asset in making your life easier. These mentioned devices all can do calendar reminders and appointments. You can make appointments and have reminders set, to help keep your life organized.

Many of these devices can use apps to monitor your health. With most homes having WIFI or even hotspots in your area, you can control the lights, air and the doors, remotely. These devices all offer easy forms of communications, either by email, text, live chats or through social media.

So handing off those day to day grinding task to a technology, can make your life so much more easier. Nothing is perfect and everything still requires some of your personal interactions. However, every little bit of help, can make your days a little brighter. By creating brighter and easier days, well that just enriches your life that much more.   

Technology Categories And Topics

Here is a list of technology devices and a brief description of how they can help. Many older people are intimidated by the new age of electronics and computers. But before condemning it, look over how technology can make your life easier. Give it a consideration before saying no.

  • Smart Phones - Total communications globally, apps to monitor your diet and health, apps to operate your home and vehicles remotely, apps work, cameras, writing and document management.
  • Smart Watches - Total communications globally, apps to monitor your diet and health, apps to operate your home and vehicles remotely, apps work, cameras, writing and document management.
  • Tablets - Easy to carry and can perform most functions a Smart device can. Usually have better cameras. Hotspot capable. Great for video chats and can be used for writing and document management.
  • Laptops - Mobile desktop. It can perform everything the above devices other than cellular phone communications and most do not take pictures. More processing power for managing documents, photo-editing , music. 
  • In Home Medical Devices - Devices used to enhance personal capabilities, such as sensory abilities or mobility. Electronic beds and lifts. Monitoring equipment that alerts agencies for help. Also helping with bodily functions to administering medicines.
  • Client Productivity Software - Programs to be used on devices for word processing, create spreadsheets, presentations, create budgets and more.
  • Security Systems - Cameras and motion sensors that record their data immediately. Remote management.
  • Voice-Controlled Intelligent Personal Assistant - I bet you have heard of Alexa or Google Home. Devices that connect to the internet and use voice commands instead of typing them into a computer. These devices can also be hooked up to run your door locks, lights or even your heating and air.  

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These are just a few out of many more categories and topics. All of which will be talked about in my post articles. Writers are welcomed as well. Do you have any Technology Improvement topics you would like to share? Write about it here at Life Enrichments, just click HERE to write a post.  

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