Technology Improvements

DSCF4377aEveryone has a computer, tablet or a phone to do home office task, keep up with social media or just browsing the internet like you are now. Often we use many software’s to try and organize our lives like a calendar, an email program, a word program, data base tools, spreadsheet programs and many more. We all have become pretty reliant on our technology to replace a huge filling cabinet and a personal secretary.

frustrated-manBut often we get programs or devices that we think are going to save the day only to get more frustrated over the learning curve on how to use it. Seems like everything you buy these days requires an intense search on Google and Bing to figure out what to do with it or how you work it. I have been in IT and Business Applications for years supporting people that their jobs required them to use all these awesome tools and devices that come with no instructions, so guess who had to learn all of it to help them….Ding – Ding – Ding — Me!!!

So I have thought about products, books and devices that I can put on this page that might help the common man get through the dreaded learning curves a little quicker. After all you want to sit down at your computer and get the task at hand done more than sit for two weeks taking an at home class only to forget why you started the whole adventure to start with. I will be adding these to this page as I find them.


MS Excel How ToMicrosoft Excel Help eBooks




How many times have you sat down ready to try what you thought would be simple in Excel only to find out that what you thought and what reality is are two different things. You will spend up to hours on Google and YouTube trying to find out how to do something. The issues you get when doing online searches are you are looking at many different ways of doing what you need and in most cases it is never the scenario in which applies to your problem. Most books for Miscrosoft Office products are not only expensive but are very in depth and often over inform you. You are seeking a quick and easy answer so you can get on with the task at hand, then try Holly Macro! Books.

Learn to write DAX, learn how to use Pivot Tables and all the functions it has. Learn Data Analysis and much much more and these cover from 2007 to current versions. Stop being tormented from hours of searching and check out Holly Macro’s eBooks on Excel. They are very inexpensive for all the information you will receive.

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