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All Self-Improvements, begins with you. You, and you alone, will be the one that makes the change. Everyone should strive to do, and be a little better every day. It isn’t uncommon, that many that want to improve on themselves, are just not sure how to get started. So how can you enrich your life?

The best way to start, pick something you like, or something you always have wanted to do, and go for it. Try taking a a crack at a craft or carpentry? Maybe you feel you need to get in better shape, either mentally or physically. Learning a new talent can be a big confidence builder, helping others is even a better feeling.

There are many ways for self-improvements, you just have to be willing to try. Self-Development is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Read more, exercise more, just spend time doing things you like to do. Once you get to feeling good about yourself, you have begun the new journey towards a better you.   

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Are you a senior who is looking to improve yourself and your quality of life? If so, you can empower yourself by working from home. Which will give you more purpose and financial stability without taking away the flexibility you need to truly enjoy your golden years.

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3 Things Seniors Can Do to Build a Successful Home Business

I am sure many of you parents have noticed the lack of interest in going outside in your children. This is becoming world wide, not just in America. Whereas in the “Baby Boomers” generations and all the ones before, outside was what you did. Now days, videos games and huge flat screen TV’s are just

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Protect Your Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

It’s no secret that teaching isn’t a high-paying profession. It is however, a personally rewarding career for many people. To boost earning potential for educators or to help make ends meet, many teachers must rely on part-time jobs or side gigs. Fortunately, the gig economy has made it easier than ever to make that happen.

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Earning Potential for Educators: Year-Round Side Gigs for Teachers

Many elderly Americans believe that their nursing home or assisted living will be covered by Medicare. That Medicare will ensure your long-term care. However, it’s a rude awakening when they discover that isn’t the case. In fact, as valuable as it is, this government program only pays for short-term medical costs for those over age

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Financial Sense Will Ensure Your Long-Term Care

No matter the circumstance, being out of work can be an incredibly jarring experience. Worrying about long employments gaps in between jobs is stressful. We get used to our daily routines;  the ways that our work schedules carry us through one week and into the next. Losing that structure can leave us feeling totally adrift.

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Making the Most of Employment Gaps

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Lori Yeager

I never felt I looked my best, I always wanted a tiny waist. I started off with the Flex Belt. Then started eating healthy with different plans and diets. Now I feel and look like I wanted. Thanks Lifenrichments for getting me started.

enrich your life

Jerry Rowland

My apartment was always a mess, closets were a clutter collection dump site. Coming home everyday to the mess just kept my spirits down. Then I read some articles here on this site. I got inspired, cleaned up my place, now I feel positive.

enrich your life

Sam Lane

I am a single full time dad and I lost my job. Reading about how to make money as a stay at home dad, I tried it. Now I can stay home with my kid and the stress of making an income is gone. People can make a living from home.

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 Guest Writer

I have always had a passion for self-improvement and I love to write. I found Lifenrichments and noticed that they welcome guest writers for blog post. This is such a great opportunity for me to write about, "how to better one's self." To be able to place it where others that need some inspiration will find and read my articles. If you like to write, submit your articles here. 

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