‚ÄčAbout Life Enrichments ‚Äč

‚ÄčEveryone should strive to be better in some form or fashion. My mission is to help you find your enrichment.

Are you letting life beat you down and overwhelm you? Do you feel like you are the only one on the planet, feeling like a true loner? I used to feel that way myself until I realized what needed to be done.

Hi, my name is Rodney Parks and my goal is to help others, and that is what Life Enrichments is about. No one ever promised us, or gave us a guarantee, that life would be smooth sailing. In fact, for most people, life is a very hard rocky road. My life growing up was not the greatest. It was mostly my dysfunctional family that made me feel like I wasn't worth much. The way I was treated or ignored, caused me to have a real low self-esteem.

I was very self-deprecating; I was always looking at the glass half empty, and never felt I belonged anywhere on this planet. This may sound funny, but I actually used to swear I was from Mars. Something I had been saying since I started talking. What I am saying isn’t because I want pity or anything like that. Just that I can relate to why many people feel lost, alone and not believed in.

As I got older, I gained a really good friend that would just tell me like it is. When he would catch me feeling sorry for myself or putting myself down, he would call me out. I was lucky to have made a friend that really cared about me like that. Not all of us get that kind of luck. The great part about his forwardness, it woke me up, to clearly see what I needed to do to turn my life around.

Being Selfish

In time, I come to realize that feeling sorry for myself was just plain being selfish. Don’t get me wrong, I was always compassionate and empathetic. But at the end of the day, I still fell back into drowning in my own sorrows. Once I realized that the biggest part of being miserable was being selfish, that help point me in what I needed to do. How to put an end to all that unhappiness.

First, I realized that no matter how bad you think you have it at the time. Someone else, somewhere has it worse. Not that you want someone else to be miserable, but that thought can help you feel not so alone. I quit making everything about me, and started listening to others. I found giving and caring not only distracted me from my self-pity but started making me feel good about myself.

You have to learn acceptance, but not from others. The lesson is to learn to accept whatever life hands you. There are two choices in life events, change them or accept them. If it is something you can‚Äôt change, then you accept it. Always keep moving forward, the past isn‚Äôt a place to live in, just a place to learn from.  

‚ÄčWhat ‚ÄčLife Enrichments ‚ÄčIs About

I can relate to why people need improvements; it is really the natural way of life. Without striving to be better, we become complacent. This site is dedicated to help those find things that can help them feel better about themselves. No matter if it is learning a new craft, help someone learn a new skill or just read other‚Äôs inspirational articles.  

My mission is to help people find what they need to find worth and build their confidence. I want to hear from others, that’s why I set it up for others to submit post to this site. Enriching your life doesn’t mean fill it full of things or money. It means filling your life with the things that matter.

It may sound crazy, but it is important to learn to take joy in everything. Take joy in all emotions you could ever deal with. Why? We only have one life; we should cherish all the experiences along our journeys and be glad we got to experience what we did.

Sitting home behind closed doors can be safe, but that isn‚Äôt much better than being sealed up in a coffin. Living is experiencing life; death is when there is nothing to experience. Life Enrichments is about offering things, ideas and reading that will help others want to improve their lives.‚Äč‚Äč

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