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​​Know Of A Good Hotline?

​​​There are those out there that need help. ​Sometimes we can't always be there for them. That is why it is important to share information...

​Regardless if it is you that needs help or know someone, the more that is shared, the more people we reach. Let's keep this list growing...

​Hotline List

​​Everyone hits a low or bottom at some point in their lives. Often we feel totally alone and isolated or even left out of the rest of the world. Maybe you feel no one cares or wants to help. You are not alone, there are people that want to help.

​You will find below a list of hotlines. This list needs to be ever growing, so that we can get all the help to everyone that needs it. Please feel free to click the button above and add ​any hotlines you don't see in this list.




​Help Get Help

​Need help? Find help from the above ​Help Organizations List, or if you're seeking ​a charity. Maybe you would like to give by volunteering?