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Enrich Your Being Through Self-Help

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Self-help can be important when it comes to personal development. The definition of self-help is: The actions or process of bettering oneself or overcoming one’s problems without the aid of others. It also means coping with one’s personal or emotional problems without professional help.

No doubt this is very similar to self-improvements but a bit more on a personal improvement. The key for any type of self-development to be successful is to be self-aware. You need to know of any problems to improve on them.

Many people want to solve or improve on a personal problem on their own. However, there are self-help groups, but much like AA, it still is an individual’s personal experience. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve on ourselves.

Improvements Can Be Good But Don't Be Too Critical

As I mentioned, being self-aware of an issue is key to self-help. But there is a strong difference between self-aware and self-conscious. Being self-conscious can tend to be a negative criticism towards oneself, even self-deprecating.

It’s OK to be aware of something you think can be an issue. But don’t allow that reason to be critical of the whole you. Many of us face personality traits we would like to change. Anger and impatient traits are among the biggest.

Managing stress is probably highest on the list of all. In today’s world, with the fast pace we live at, stress is almost the norm now. No matter the help you feel you need, never feel like that defines you. One or two flaws means nothing, no one is perfect, all we can do is try to better ourselves. Just remember, we are who we are, to know us is to love us.  

It's Difficult To Change

Most of us wish we could improve certain things about ourselves, our habits or even our personalities. Lasting change is even more difficult to make, to break and change habits or our core personalities. To undertake such changes requires so much self-awareness, discipline and determination.

Luckily self-reinvention isn’t always necessary. Quite often it is specific habits we want to change. Trying to quit smoking, curb our drinking habits or trying to build our self-esteem/confidence. The list can be quite extensive. Often when we try and change things about ourselves, the task can seem impossible or really overwhelming. There are groups for self-help, tons of books and seminars, but where it has to start is inside of yourself.

You have to be aware of that part you want to change. Self-help, is a self-guided improvement economically, intellectually, or emotionally. Often with a substantial psychological basis that requires you to focus on your issue and the solution, all in all it is all mindset.

Self-Help Should Be Your Choice

Often people want to improve on their selves based on an opinion from someone else. Only you should make changes in your life based on what you want. Not based on what others think or feel. Everyone is unique and has a right to be who they are. People that really care about you, are going to like you just the way you are.

Maybe one exception, and trying to be humorous here. If you sleep with a significant other, and you snore, keeping the other person up. That might be a time to listen to their opinion. There is nothing wrong with someone that really cares about you giving you constructive criticism. And if you decide you want to look into self-help over that. This would be becoming self-aware of an issue.

We all have a natural tendency to seek acceptance, comfort and understanding from others. If you have great supportive people in your life or are involved in self-help groups. That can really make the difference. But in reality, no matter how many are around to support you. The only person that is going to make the difference and make the changes, is yourself. You have to develop a conviction towards what you want to achieve. Believe it will happen and work towards that goal with no doubts.

Self-Improvement Categories

Here are some ideas of self-help categories you can look into. Remember, this is only something you should look into if you are doing it for yourself. Often people are not completely aware of issues they may have. Not all issues or problems are something really bad. The first step at self-help is being self-aware of something about yourself that you want to improve upon. These examples may give you some idea if there is something you feel you might need help with.  

  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Confidence
  • Career/Interview
  • Motivation
  • Communication Skills
  • Knowing Your Strengths And Weaknesses
  • Self Understanding
  • Optimism
  • Organization/Efficiency
  • Families/Parenting/Relationships
  • Purpose/Passion/Vision
  • Leadership
  • Assertiveness

These are just a few out of many more categories. All of which will be talked about in my post articles. Writers are welcomed as well. Do you have any Self-Help topics you would like to share? Write about it here at Life Enrichments, just click HERE to write a post.  

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