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Money is one of the biggest stressors of everyday life, so you should always make sure you’re in good shape financially. If your finances are shaky, take steps to spruce them up. Ensure you’re following best practices so you can stay on track for a financially-sound future. Let’s look at a few ideas that can help you spruce up your finances.

spruce up your finances

Check your credit report

When was the last time you pulled a credit report? You can request a free one every year, and it includes important information about your financial history, such as debts, employment history and places of residence. In addition to your credit score, these reports will show you any clerical errors and lingering inactive accounts. Give the report a thorough going over and resolve any issues that may be affecting your credit.

Set a budget to purchase a house

If you want to purchase a home but you haven’t started saving, make it a priority to do so. Giving yourself rules about how to allot your money each month — and sticking to them — is a proven way to build your savings.

If you don’t feel you are the best at budgeting, you can read more on tips on “How To Make Budgeting Easier.”

Build your savings accounts

Once you’ve set your budget, go a step further to see how you can set more aside in savings each month. You should have at least two savings accounts: one for long-term goals (like buying a new car) and one for unexpected expenses (such as serious illness). How much you need in your emergency savings depends on your lifestyle and the size of your family, but many professionals recommend setting aside eight to 12 months of income in case of a job loss or other financial catastrophe.

Check your retirement savings

Is your retirement savings on track? Use an online calculator to determine your retirement score, and take action accordingly. It’s easy to put off saving for retirement when we’re young because the future seems so far away, but the sooner you start, the more you’ll be able to grow the funds that will support you in your golden years.

Use a retirement calculator to get started.

What kind of retirement savings account should I get?

How much will I need to have saved up for retirement?

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Refreshed finances

Tidying up your financial picture can be a daunting task. Give yours a thorough going-over to ensure you’re in good shape. An efficient sprucing up can provide financial security for your present and future. You may also want to look into improving your credit score. Having a good credit score opens up other opportunities to spruce up your finances.