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Awesome New Skills to Teach Yourself Post-Pandemic (And How to Get Started!)

Now that you’re accustomed to being home more often thanks to the pandemic and its aftermath. There’s no point in letting boredom rule your life; you might as well make good use of your time. It’s time to teach yourself post-pandemic skills. Whether it’s a new hobby to fill your evenings, or something to do now that you’re unemployed. There are tons of skills you can teach yourself without leaving the house.

Teach Yourself Post-Pandemic Skills

Ready to get started? These ideas from Life Enrichments will keep you busy, learning, and having fun through the pandemic.

Skills That Will Boost Your Resume

Now is the perfect time to enhance your skill set and to make yourself more marketable when the time comes to find a new job.

  • Top hard skills to put on a resume (and how to improve yours).
  • Study online to earn your bachelor’s degree.
  • How to learn Excel online: 21 free and paid resources for Excel training.
  • Go online to find out where you can learn WordPress.
  • Become Quickbooks certified to become an accounting whiz.

Cool Crafts and Projects to Teach Yourself

Crafting can be the ultimate way to both unwind and find a new lifelong hobby.

  • Learn the difference between knitting and crocheting.
  • 7 beginner-friendly sewing projects that’ll up your game.
  • Discover how to bake bread at home.
  • The urbanite’s guide to getting a green thumb.
  • Easy woodworking projects for beginners.

Skills You Can Learn with Friends

In the age of social distancing, you can still connect with friends by taking classes together.

  • Sign up for free online cooking classes you can take right now.
  • Convince your friends to learn a new language with you.
  • At-home date night for true crime lovers — hunt a killer.
  • 10 virtual book clubs you can join now — and how to start your own.

Fun Activities for Kids

If the kids are bored too, it’s time for them to find some new skills or even learn a thing or two.

Just because you’re social distancing doesn’t mean you have to sit idle at home. There’s a lot you can do to pass the time productively — or just have fun! — while waiting for the pandemic to pass. Whether you try one of the ideas or something different, make sure you’re finding ways to stay inspired.

Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt to learn everyday survival skills. Things like budgeting, getting yourself organized, to figuring out how to cut cost and save money. The pandemic has given many people more time at home, which is also time to think. Read more on “How to Make Budgeting Easier.” Read and discover “21 Tips For You To Use To Lower Your Electric Bill.”


July 24, 2021