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It’s no secret that teaching isn’t a high-paying profession. It is however, a personally rewarding career for many people. To boost earning potential for educators or to help make ends meet, many teachers must rely on part-time jobs or side gigs. Fortunately, the gig economy has made it easier than ever to make that happen.

Earning Potential for Educators

Draw on your skill set

You may be unsure how to find work during off times, breaks or the summer break. Not to worry, your teaching skills can still be put to use. There are always a few kids who need help in subjects they struggled with during the school year. Typically those children will turn to tutors for help. Tutoring can be a fairly lucrative way for teachers to make some extra money. You can expect to make anywhere from $10 to $100 an hour. Rates will vary based on your location and the subjects in which you tutor.

The internet lets you apply your abilities in many ways. A teacher could also be teaching class via a website such as Skillshare.com. You can even develop a course of your own that can be taught on Udemy.com. This is a highly profitable side gig that can earn you thousands of dollars a month.


If you’re an English or composition teacher, you have a built-in advantage when it comes to freelancing. There are countless opportunities to make money as a freelance writer these days. In fact, teachers are in high demand as writers because of their educational background and professional experience. For example, you can focus on education, or write or edit blog postings or web-based content. Best of all, this is a side gig that can generate secondary income for you year-round because you set your own schedule.

Brand marketing

Teachers are also in demand for their verbal communications skills. Consequently, marketing firms and advertising agencies often use them on a freelance basis to promote services and products at musical or sporting events and seasonal festivals. Your ability to explain material in a coherent, understandable and relatable manner makes you an excellent candidate to explain how a company’s products can benefit people. And, as a brand ambassador, there are ample opportunities to work on weekends or at night, which fits well with your school-year responsibilities.


It was a good gig when you were a teenager, and it’s still a good gig. Babysitting is an ideal year-round side job because it’s so often needed in the evening. It has lots of flexibility and is also a chance to get repeat work from a client, or clients who will probably pass along your name if they like your work. Think of it as a chance to work on your teaching “chops,” finding new ways to communicate with and stimulate kids’ interests in stories and subjects that will benefit them in later years.

Making Your Venture Legal

You’ve been working on your business plan, marketing strategy, and landing clients. You’re now ready to launch your new business and it’s time to form a legal business entity. While many entrepreneurs think of this step as almost an after-thought. There are a number of considerations when choosing your entity type and going through the process of registering it with government institutions. While each entity type has pros and cons, forming an LLC is very popular because of its flexibility and security to you, the founder. And while this process varies somewhat by state, setting up an LLC can generally be done in five or so steps.

As an educator, you have many skills you can take advantage of that will improve your financial situation and boost your earning potential. Given the importance of the work you do and it’s often inadequate compensation, you’re an excellent candidate to make good side money all year round. These methods can make for an excellent earning potential for educators, or anyone wanting an additional income.