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I am sure many of you parents have noticed the lack of interest in going outside in your children. This is becoming world wide, not just in America. Whereas in the “Baby Boomers” generations and all the ones before, outside was what you did. Now days, videos games and huge flat screen TV’s are just the tip of the iceberg keeping today’s kids inside.

Protect Your Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

Fun Outdoor Activities to Protect Your Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

Thanks to the lure of smartphone apps, video games, TV shows, and other screen-related activities, kids are spending less time outside and more time sitting on the couch. Children—and adults—need more nature in their lives to ward off nature-deficit disorder! Nature-deficit disorder is a term used to describe the negative physical and mental health effects of spending too much time indoors and away from natural environments. For kids, a lack of outdoor time can result in behavioral problems and attention issues.


Fortunately, this issue is very easy to fix. You just have to get your children outside! Life Enrichments offers the following resources to help you make outdoor time appealing, educational, and fun for the whole family!

Outdoor Sports in the Backyard and Beyond

More time outside can be as simple as sending the kids out to play in the backyard or further afield.


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Exploring Nature with Your Children

In addition to heart-pumping activities, help your kids find additional ways to appreciate the outdoors.


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Astronomy for Beginners: How to Get Started with Stargazing

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When you’re concerned about nature-deficit disorder and how it may affect your children, start making outdoor time a priority in your household. Think up ways to make your backyard more inviting, focus your family outings around outdoor activities, and turn your kids into little explorers with a pair of binoculars or a plant identification book. Getting your kids outside might be easier than you think!