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As a senior, it’s essential to take proactive steps to get out into the world and interact with other people. Circumstances like retirement or a spouse’s passing increase the risk of senior isolation and loneliness. However, with the pandemic, this creates isolation even more, seniors need to get out. How can seniors boost their confidence during Covid-19?

Confidence During COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that this raises the risk of serious health issues, from depression to dementia. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this risk. The Journal Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry explains that social distancing has taken a negative toll on mental health for many seniors.

As vaccines are rolled out, now is a great time to shake off any fears you may have about re-entering the world. Follow these tips to boost your confidence during Covid-19.

Learn something new

Confidence During COVID-19Learning a new skill can help boost your confidence during Covid-19 and keep you mentally sharp. Everyday Power offers a list of self-esteem-boosting hobbies, like learning a new language or puzzling. You can also make your hobby a social experience by taking a class. A course on a topic like cooking or art is a great way to learn something new while engaging with others. You’ll have an automatic conversation topic at hand so you don’t have to stress about how to introduce yourself or what to say.

Get out into nature

If the thought of engaging with strangers seems daunting, simply head outside to explore the great outdoors. According to Harvard University, spending time outside can improve mental health and reduce the risk of anxiety, depression, and stress. Go to a local park in and around your city to get your green fix.

Evaluate your personal style

Fashion doesn’t have to be the sole domain of young people. If you haven’t felt yourself lately, take some inspiration from some fashionable seniors. Then get a fresh haircut and buy a couple of new pieces of clothing to kick off your new fashion direction.

Revamp your exercise routine

Confidence During COVID-19Exercise is another great way to boost mental and physical health and increase your self-esteem. As a senior, preserving physical strength, coordination, and mobility can help you confidently navigate the world. Look for fitness programs specifically for seniors. For instance, Silver Sneakers is a health and wellness initiative that provides older adults with reduced-cost access to fitness classes and gyms. Many Silver Sneakers programs are Medicare-covered.

You’re not the only one who needs to prep. Make sure your pup is ready to get back out there as well. Use a treadmill to help your dog stay in shape when going for walks isn’t an option. Just like people, dogs need to exercise to keep their minds and bodies healthy, so look for ways to ensure your furry friend stays fit and happy.

Grab a friend

If you’re feeling shy about trying the tips described above solo, why not grab a friend to join you? Socializing with a loved one is sure to give your self-confidence a boost. Psychology Today explains that friends boost our self-esteem because they cheer our successes and support our attempts to grow. Having a trusted pal by your side as you set off to explore the world can give you the courage you need to get out there. They can join you for any of the above activities, including nature walks, hobby classes, or exercise programs.

Try positive self-talk

As you implement the above tips, you may find your confidence faltering at times. Be prepared to tackle moments of discouragement with positive self-talk to build your confidence. Healthline explains that this is a powerful tool to increase confidence and minimize the damaging impact of negative emotions. They recommend taking harmful thoughts and reframing them positively. For example, say you’re trying a new hobby. You think to yourself, “I suck at this.” Instead, consider saying, “I am giving it my best effort.”

Covid-19 has presented many challenges and some opportunities. Re-entering the world as a senior after a period of isolation may be daunting at first. Take it slow. Try the steps above to boost your confidence and get back out there.

There are some other advice that can help with setting up an accessible home, managing your finances or even home safety. You can get more advice about these topics by reading The essentials of safe, independent living for seniors.”