Where did the Man Go?

There was a time when a man was a symbol of strength and his word was gold. Today too many men are pretty boys or spoiled or feel a man is a man because they are ready to fight over the dumbest things. A man is someone who stands up for what he believes in, is not swayed from others opinions and is totally convicted in his stand but also listens with commonsense. A man is someone of passion and someone who is afraid but journeys right through it anyway. A man is someone of virtue, chivalry and most of all honors respect above all else, his word means something. A man doesn’t let the woman mow the grass or take out the garbage, a man will clean house and take care of the kids and a man isn’t afraid to laugh or cry. So the man should take charge and be a leader in some form or another, women are very attracted to this strength and virtue.

So Where did the Man Go? Because women quite often fall for jerks and the bad-boy types and they don’t do it because they are stupid or hate nice men, they do it because these types are a challenge. Women love nice men and romantic men but these men that immediately put their heart on their sleeves are viewed as wussies, and quickly find themselves in the friend zone. Men want to look at everything through logic and women view things through emotions. If a man is trying to shower a girl with gifts and compliments, he appears he is needing approval and that automatically says “I am house broken and ready to move in”. The bad-boys and jerks are saying “do whatever”, “it’s my way or the highway”. This kind of attitude provokes emotional reactions from women making the bad-boy appear to be a real challenge. So to me if you really are a nice guy, you should learn to be a bit more of a challenge and save our women from all these jerks, because women don’t like jerks, they want a nice guy but one who has a balance of good and bad to him.

Look at the old days and what we had as celebrities that were kind of role models. I personally grew up loving the Six Million Dollar Man and yea the special effects and the Bionic strength was cool but I like the man he was because he was a man. He had principles and he stood by them and what made him strong and a figure of a man was that he didn’t use his brute strength to make his point. He used his compassion and understanding to help others and never made himself better than anyone else. All of that promoted confidence, a man who believed in himself. I loved the TV show “Lost in Space” and one of the reasons was Guy Williams, the actor who played the father on the show. He was once Zorro before coming to LIS but his character was a man with confidence, not arrogance. He had a family to take care of so he did what he had to do and did the best he could. He was the leader and when I think of either of these shows mentioned, if they were to do a remake of either, there are no real men to play those parts. The world has turned into everyone looking pretty and especially men. Most men on TV and movies are pretty boys, there are a few left but not many. Two real men of the past that come to mind are John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, both were men on the screen and both could probably knock you on your butt off screen as well.

The men that are not complete jerks and butt heads, the one’s that nice women should be with have become such needy wimps. And because of this wimpy demeanor, they are all putting themselves in the friend zones with women or getting divorces because the women are wanting men. There has to be a balance, a man can’t be a demanding tyrant with no compassion and only hears his own voice, that isn’t going to work but he can’t be catering to every whim and yes dear to everything either. There is a time to compliment your significant other and buy her gifts but doing it to get their attention only drives them further away. There are dating coaches out there that have it all documented and in programs to help men become confident again and take control of their love lives. There are a few dating coaches you should learn more about and see if they can help if you are needing to step up your game or want to get out of the friend zones. Even though these are dating coaches, they explore your inner game, the confidence level you have inside you. You are not going to win any dates, get that promotion or get that success let alone get the respect a man gets if you run around with no confidence and feeling like the world and life itself has beat you down to nothing. Remember, breathing is alive, the rest is up to you. Check these guys out and their programs. Joshua Pellicer   Kezia Noble   Derek Cajun  and   Adam Gilad


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