When people mention ugly, the first thought is appearance. However, there are many factors that can cause ugliness. You could be the hottest person on the planet in appearance but still be incredibly ugly. So, what makes me ugly?

what makes me ugly

If your question is, “what makes me ugly,” this may really be more of an insecurity than a physical issue. When people compare themselves to other people, this often creates insecurities and self-doubt. I can say, if you live with a self-deprecating and highly low opinion about yourself. That opinion can show physically.

How Do You Feel About Yourself?

The way you feel about yourself really matters, because it shows to other people. Feeling like you are less than others, puts you in a disposition of actually being less. Also, your negative feelings towards yourself will reflect back from others. Basically, what you put in, is what you will get out.

It is really hard to get others to see you in an attractive light, if you don’t see yourself that way as well. Just the same as it is difficult for others to like you if you don’t like yourself. So if you’re asking, “what makes me ugly?”. It’s very likely how you feel about yourself.

Your Body Language

Body language says about everything, in both positive and negative ways. It plays a huge part in successful dating. Although, it is a big reason people fail in dating. Which means, the way you carry yourself is highly what determines how attractive you are.

If you walk with your shoulders slumped over, lousy posture with an uninviting expression. If your question is, “what makes me ugly?” The answer could be your body language.

Your demeanor has to be positive and inviting. By carrying around a negative attitude and keeping distance from everyone. This can make others not like you and in turn see you as an ugly person. So, if others view you as ugly, you will see yourself that way as well.

Walk like you just won the lottery and stand with dignity. Practice smiling in the mirror, because when you see yourself smiling, that can make you like yourself.

Your Attire Matters

what makes me uglySo how do you dress? I don’t really believe in the statement that “Clothes make the person.” However, there is some merit to the statement. I think it is perfectly fine to wear what makes you comfortable. But when it gets to a point that you wear clothes that are dirty, or aren’t flattering. Then you may want to think about your attire.

Wearing clothes that are too big or too small can make a horrible impression. Shirts that are stretched or wrinkly, really makes a bad statement about you. Just having the wrong size or clothes that are never cared for, can show how you might think of yourself.

The right colors, styles and the way it is put together can make a real difference in how you feel about yourself. So, the clothes don’t have to be too expensive or uptown, just worn like you actually care. If you are promoting you don’t care, why should others?

What Kind Of Attitude Do You Have?

This is again, what you put in, is what you get out. For anyone asking “what makes me ugly,” this is a biggie. A bad attitude can make anyone, no matter how physically attractive they are, really ugly. Viewing everything in a negative way. Distrusting everyone you know and meet. These qualities will make you very unappealing.

Looking at things in a more positive light and having a little faith in others, can really make a difference. Always assuming the world is out to screw you over. Treating others like they are a waste of your time. This will make you a very ugly person.

How Do You Treat Others?

As mentioned, treating others like they are a waste of your time or just a plain aggravation, makes you uninviting. How you treat others best reflects how others see you. So, if you generally treat others badly, you have the answer to “what makes me ugly.”

If you treat everyone with respect and kindness. That in itself can build your attractiveness. It normally makes people feel better about themselves when being generous to others. Feeling good about yourself is part of being attractive. Good feelings cause you to smile more and generally have a good, positive attitude.

Are You Taking Care Of Yourself?

You have to take care of yourself in order to be attractive. Really it is just about having self-respect. Having poor hygiene will definitely keep others at a distance. Greasy messed up hair, bad breath and stinky armpits is no way to win a popularity contest.

Not brushing your teeth not only leads to bad breath, but tooth and gum issues. Having a good smile is one of the key points to being attractive. If your teeth are yellow or have fallen out, that can be viewed as ugly.

No matter what your status or situation is. Always take pride in your health and appearance. Take showers regularly. Brush that hair and brush those teeth. If you look like you care about yourself, that will cause others to care about you as well.

Your Physical State

Some people think that the key to being attractive is through working out, and you have to be trim. That isn’t true at all. People should exercise, just to keep themselves healthy. There is a big difference between someone that deals with obesity and being a fat couch potato chip eating slob.

Sitting on your butt letting your life rot away, shows how you carry yourself to your core attitude. Someone that is overweight or has to deal with obesity to me is just a body type. Not everyone likes skinny beanpole sized people.

There are those that are just lazy and become obese from doing nothing. Then there are those that are obese that are extremely active.

Again, asking “what makes me ugly,” laziness is definitely high on the list. Nobody is perfect and we all have to do the best with what we have. Your physical build isn’t what makes you ugly or attractive. How you take care of yourself is. Exercising is a form of discipline that boosts your belief in yourself. Believing in yourself leads to confidence. Confidence leads to being attractive.

Taking care of yourself with exercise and eating right puts your mind in the right positive place. Keeping your body healthy makes you feel better all together. This in turn creates attractiveness.

Confidence Is A Must

what makes me uglyThe biggest thing that makes people seem really attractive is confidence. I am sure you have seen these confident people. They are the ones that walk around without the weight of the world on them. You can just see the positive in them. These confident people are ready to take on the world and believe that can do it.

When you are confident, you come off as decisive with a pleasant aura. You will find that most confident people smile and not just with their mouths. They also smile with their eyes. If you have that lost look, or a negative attitude. You do not promote the sense of a confident person.

They say women are really attracted to confident men. This is true, but in all honesty, all people are attracted to confident people. The reason is because confident people offer a sense of calm and security. So, even if a person isn’t symmetrical, they have perfect skin and have the perfect smile. Yet they have real confidence. They will be looked at as attractive.

What Makes Me Ugly Conclusion

It is possible that your actual appearance can be ugly, but in reality, it isn’t your looks. I knew a really beautiful and hot girl once. She turned everyone’s heads and she was even super nice on the surface. However, she only thought of herself, it was always about her. She never was there for me as a friend and constantly treated me horribly.

To me, this made her extremely ugly, enough so, I never wanted to see her. She made me feel bad about myself and that is something really key to being ugly.

If a person makes you feel bad about being yourself, or just horrible in general. The person causing this infliction is really an ugly person.

So, if you are asking yourself what makes me feel ugly, just take out your looks. Yes, it could be your clothes, not grooming and the way you carry yourself. Those things can be improved, but you need to look deeper. Ask yourself, are you narcissistic, do you care how others feel? What does friendship mean to you? If you feel you are not the best person you can be, learn how to be a better person.

Ensure that you are a good person and work on being confident and being ugly won’t even be a thought. The saying, “what you put in is what you will get out,” is 100% accurate. Treat yourself and others well, and you will see yourself in a much more attractive light. It is not your looks that make who you are, it is the person that you are. Be a good person.