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Even the most dedicated and productive folks still need to recharge from time to time. Practicing self-care is crucial for your workplace performance and for your emotional well-being. Sometimes, there’s no better way to practice self-care than to take a phenomenal vacation to a beautiful city. Consider these five unique cities as potential self-care hot-spots, to recharge your mind and body.

recharge your mind and body


Not only is Waikato one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand. But it’s also home to the Shire set from the recent Lord of the Rings series of films. If that’s less your speed, you’ll also find underground caves and rain forests. Including a bustling city with high-quality restaurants and comfortable resorts to fulfill any desire.


Consider visiting Amsterdam to recharge your mind and body. If you prefer comfortable cafés, accessible smoke ships, and even a bit of risqué entertainment in the form of (in)famous red-light events. Amsterdam is also a great vacation destination. Its food and downright delectable beer options – it’s an understated beer capital of the world.


Why not take a plane trip to the land down under to recharge your mind and body. Visit Sydney: an iconic Australian metropolis that has plenty of amazing things to do. Whether you like to walk on beautiful beaches, check out delicious food. See the world-renowned entertainment options in Sydney, this destination vacation has something for everyone. It could be the best way to revitalize your spirit after a trying 2021.

Should you choose to stay in Sydney by buying a home. You have options if you can’t cover the down payment initially. These options include home equity loans or second mortgages on your current property.


Consider Dubrovnik, a major city in Croatia. If you prefer a self-care vacation to recharge your mind and body. You can soak up the elegance and ambiance of the old world. This historic city is actually home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a great place to learn more about medieval Europe and to enjoy some tasty beer. In fact, Dubrovnik is home to some of the best bars in the region. Feel free to stop by if your preferred form of self-care is bar crawling and sipping on ice-cold pints.


Interested in some “homegrown” self-care? In that case, you can visit Seattle, where marijuana has been legal since 2012. Plus check out a diverse range of restaurants, cultural festivals, and other novel attractions. Seattle is overall a peaceful yet enriching city. Making it great for Americans who want something new without a plane ride across the ocean.

You might love Seattle so much that you decide to stay there. If you want to rent a place before committing to the city, there is an option. Use online listing sites to find apartment rentals in Seattle that are within your price range. These sites can also help you locate an apartment with what you are looking for. The right amenities, the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other key factors.

Staycations Are Fun, Too

Maybe you’d rather keep things a little closer to home in Seattle. With the right vacation rental site, you can use search controls to find the perfect property. Property in an area of town that you’d love to explore a little more. You’ll feel like you’re getting away and practicing self-care without actually getting on a plane and taking a long trip.

The right vacation to any or all of the above cities could leave you feeling refreshed. It can recharge you mind and body and have you ready for new triumphs. Even better, you may discover that one of these cities will become your future home. You may fall in love with the atmosphere, architecture, or people. Travel is key to a healthy, wise soul, so get out there and treat yourself!


February 2, 2022