Tired Of Paying HIgh Priced Auto-Body Repairs? Have You Always Wanted To Learn Auto-Body From A to Z? Want To Do Graphics OF Your Own Design? Want To Turn Out An Eye Popping Paint Job?

"Learn Auto-Body And Paint And Turn Out Jobs Like A Professional"

Do You Have A Fender Bender That You Just Know You Could Fix If You Had Some Professional Guidance? Do You Have That Old Classic Car Sitting There Waiting For You To Fix Her But Just Too Afraid You You'll Mess It Up? Have You Ever Considered Learning Paint & Body For A Profession?

Dear Friend,

Have you tried to learn how to paint a car, do body repairs or do fancy graphics and failed or got frustrated with all the overwhelming information, technical stuff to know and unsure what tools you really need?

With the DIY Auto Body & Paint Training Course, you will be able to do body repair, paint and even do graphics just like the professionals and in an extreme less amount of time you would with an expensive school and not even of a fraction of the cost.

Even if you’re a complete auto body newbie or have no experience at all, learn auto body , learn how to paint easily and get eye popping finishes. By the time you complete this training program you will know exactly how to customize, do bodywork and paint anything you desire and experience the Do-It-Yourself pride.

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Doing It Right Saves You Money ...

I have worked on cars and motorcycles for over 40 years, I know how frustrating it was when I started out trying to figure out what tools, what products and how to use them correctly. I know the dissapointments and heartache of busting your butt for what you worked so hard on to just not deliever the appearance you were hoping.

In all my years of experience, I have learned one thing. There is only so much cutting corners you can do before it ends up costing you more that what you think you are saving. Should you spend hours in beating out 200 hail dents in a hood or just go buy another one and swap it out? You would be surprised how many of my customers thought spending endless hours of removing hail dents would be cheaper than just replacing the part.

The Step By Step Auto Body & Paint Video Training Course ...

In this course you will learn the most cost effective ways to make a repair and even a few tips and tricks when you can take a shortcut ot two. Here are some of the benefits you will get from this awesome course:

  • How to do body work
  • How to repair, prep and finish bare metal
  • How to mask a car
  • How many coats of paint to use
  • How long to wait between coats of paint (Flash Times)
  • How to spot paint and blend
  • How to color sand and buff
  • How to pin stripe
  • Plus More

You will also get bonuses which include:

  • How to lower your car
  • How to fit a body-kit and spoilers
  • How to do wild body modifications, like Lamborghini-style doors
  • How to paint interiors for an all over perfect color match
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Automotive Graphic Design
  • How To Estimate Body Jobs and Profit

Watch This 10 Minute Video For An Example Of The Skills You'll Learn

After The Course You Will Be Able To Do...

  • Eye-popping, show-stopping, jaw-dropping bodywork
  • Lay paint like a pro
  • High quality work on a ridiculously low budget
  • Prep bodywork – everybody screws this up
  • Mask things the right way
  • Take beaten up body panels and fix them like new
  • Know many coats of paint to use and why
  • Solutions for getting rid of scratches or paint chips
  • Make sure your bondo work is basically uncrackable
  • Time period to wait between each coat of paint
  • Deal with and fix even the heaviest rust

"Here's Just A Few Words On The Success Other's Have Had With This Course"

Whether you want to work on that project car you have been dying to tear into for years, start fixing your own dents, dings and fender benders to save the cost of high priced body shops or want to learn the auto body skill to start a new career, this program will teach you every skill you need know.

You Get 100%  60 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

ZERO RISK 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you feel that this course is not effective or you just plainly do not get anything out of it at all, contact Tony Bandalos support, and he'll return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

This is truly a great opportunity, it is rare to find courses for auto body anywhere on the internet. Most training courses like this have to be taken at a school and the cost is astounding. Even courses that can be found offer way less information you will find in this pack program. Plus you get to join a private VIP community.


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