Learn How To Approach Women

learn how to approach women

Men can be funny when it comes to starting conversations, however their one tracked mind gets in the way sometimes. When it comes to wanting to start a conversation, men often focus on the hot model at a loud club surrounded by body guards, a bunch of drunk guys and feel they have to figure out techniques and awesome things to say to win her over.

The reality is that you need to Learn How To Approach Women, learn to just be social, just learn to talk to anyone and everyone. Put yourself in a situation that puts you out of your comfort zone, for instance a crowded elevator. Ever notice how people quit talking on an elevator? There’s your chance, just blurt out how funny or awkward it is how people will not talk on an elevator. If you get someone to comment back or snicker, just tell them “shhh, I don’t think we are supposed to be talking here”. Learn to take life with a sense of humor, make that part of who you are. Of course you don’t want to seem like an uncaring schmuck but you don’t want to come off like everything is so serious either because that says you’re not confident. Guys who appear to take things lightly, mixes in some fun in every event comes off confident.

“Practice”, you need to practice your social skills and stop limiting yourself to only the hot girls or the particular type you like because this is what is keeping you from succeeding. Learn How To Approach Women is talking to anyone and everyone, talk to the little old lady crossing the street. Not only does it help you practice interacting but it makes her day as well. If you are out some place like the mall, say hello to people and make eye contact when you do. Say hello to the average and the hot women you pass, don’t be prejudice, treat everyone the same. After a while you will find a confidence building in you, you will start feeling like you know something no one else knows and that makes you a little special. This kind of attitude will start showing, you will have others convinced and you will be convinced enough with your practiced skills of gab, when you finally do see that girl you just have to talk to, you will and flawlessly. Girls like strong men and that doesn’t mean how much he can bench press, they like a guy confident enough to take charge. By you taking charge of a conversation, showing you are not intimidated by opening your mouth to say something, smiling and making good eye contact, you are saying “hey I’m not a wussy”. Don’t present yourself needy, make the whole conversation casual and fun. Let her know this is great but you also have a life of you own.

All this can be achieved by practicing talking to others, polishing up or creating social skills. You have to realize by talking to others that it also provides you content, things to talk about. Not everyone is into sports, fishing, your rock collection or the latest fashions and there is only so much you can talk about those topics anyway. The more people you talk to the broader your conversation topics will expand, making you seem like someone versatile, knowledgeable and confident. Life is short, have fun while you’re here, you only get one shot at it, so make it your best shot you can…

Men need the art of charm, you have to have an inner game going on, to wreak of confidence. Women don’t care for needy guys who are yes men that are afraid to have their own opinion. Look how many women are with jerks, the bad boys that are mostly not treating them right. It isn’t because women want to be mistreated, it is that these types of wrong men have an alpha-male persona about them.

These men of bad character emit confidence in a weird way, they propose a challenge. Women love a man with confidence, mystery and is challenging. I guess you could look at this like Star Wars, you have those who have the force but use it to serve the dark side, the Jerks if you will and then those who use it for the light side. Yes it is hard to have the force per say and still be a good sweet guy but it can be done.

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