Many don’t get the need in heroes, even fictional heroes like Superman or Batman. However, people need heroes, no matter fiction or real life. Heroes inspires us, elevate us emotional and spiritually. Heroes are important in so many ways, we just don’t realize it.

heroes are important

Losing Hero-Worship

Heroes are ImportantHeroes are important, because they are also a life enrichment. You may be surprised, but heroes improve our lives in many ways. We all have watched or seen some kind of hero show or movie. Many feel these types of entertainments are silly, unnecessary or just plain for kids. True, kids need their heroes, but when does the human heart really let go of the kid in you? As we become older, we tend to let the day to day grind remove are juvenile life behind. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t still that kid we used to be.

Heroes help remind us of our lives when it was simple and innocent. The nice thing about being a kid, we hadn’t been tainted by all the negativity and hopelessness around us. The older we get; the more crap gets laid upon our shoulders. The huge to-do-list that never stops growing, the bills, the job and the list goes on. So many negative influences in our lives, you wished someone would swoop in and save the day.

We have heroes all around us. Fictional characters, firemen, policemen, the military, even mom and dad. Sadly, in time we lost the idea of why heroes are important. For many, time means stress levels rise, anger builds and overall frustration takes over. All of this is very negative, and degrades our emotional levels. Even though, in the back of our minds and deep in our hearts, we still want to believe. This thing they call life that sometimes seems to diminish hope, makes us not want to believe.

How Heroes Enrich Our Lives

Heroes can be something almost supernatural, to a helping hand from a stranger. As mentioned, parents are quite often children’s heroes. Parents make their children feel safe because they do anything to keep them safe and secure. When a living being puts their life as second to help another, that is pretty heroic. Children see their parents do this for them. Firemen put their lives on the line to save others. Our soldiers not only put their lives on the line, they give their lives for others.

Heroics raise our hopes, makes us feel someone does care. Many in this world feel like no one cares. So, when someone steps up to lend a helping hand, it makes a real difference. Heroes can set examples of how you should be, how to act or face life. They give us hope that things will get better. Often, we see missing qualities in ourselves by following examples heroes set. A moral compass is also another benefit that can be provided by a hero.

Overall, a hero is someone that puts others before his or her self. No matter the situation, they will do the right thing no matter the cost. These types of actions raise positive emotional levels. Heroes help confirm the ideal moral view we would like to see the world in. When they step in to help, that tends to pick us up when we are feeling down. Heroes provide us with a good example of how we should all be towards one another.

Following Example

There is a hero in all of us, it just is often scary to let it out. Not everyone is going to be comfortable to stand out among others to do the right thing. But that is what bravery is, to do something you are scared of and do it anyway.Heroes are Important But to do heroic things doesn’t always require you to even be known. In my personal life, I have many times help people without them knowing I was even there. Just imagine how nice it would feel to be helped for no reason.

We live in cynical times; everyone feels nothing is for free. And that is an important lesson in life, most things are never for free. You have to pay for it somewhere down the road. Many can’t stop themselves from wondering what someone wants if they are offering to help you. As messed up as things are today, many think someone offering help is a sneak attack of some kind.

However, a hero wouldn’t let all the negative thoughts stop them from helping others. If someone ever helps you, the best advice for payment is to pay it forward. Help someone else out down the road. Being a hero doesn’t have to be a feat done my Superman. It’s the little things that count and can make someone’s day. Pay for someone’s meal without them knowing. Bring a round of coffee to construction workers. Help put up flyers for someone’s missing animal. Heroes are important because it sets an example of the good each of us can do.


August 20, 2020