Captain America Civil War, Batman v Superman and more. What is wrong with these writers and what is wrong with people to cheer on such misguided writing. Does anyone really know what heroes are anymore?

Batman has no super power like many other hero’s except his mind. He has superior intellect and with that he is above giving into fear or ever, ever wanting to kill anyone, especially another hero. So far about the only current hero that is a real hero is The Flash on TV. He is always trying to figure out how to save and help others, even the bad guys. That is what a TRUE HERO does. The past several years they have made Batman a killer, he kills anyone that gets in his way and now with the latest movie, he wants to commit murder because he is afraid. Sorry but I have been reading Batman comics for many years and he was never that heartless or dark. He didn’t give into fear and he wasn’t a murderer.

So what is wrong with our society, the world even? Everyone is so thrilled that Batman and Superman beat the hell out of each other and hey, let’s throw some icing on the cake with Captain America Civil War. Everyone is tickled that heroes are beating the hell out of each other. This shows me that writers and people today are clueless and because of this are setting the worst examples to our younger generations.

A hero is someone regardless of powers or not that puts themselves above the petty immature mindset that regular people have. They hold morality and honor above everything else. So being moral would mean they have no desire to murder someone. Being honorable would mean that they would not ever want to hurt a fellow hero or arrest them over a difference in opinions or ideas, especially if it is a hero that they have been a team member with or fought hard alongside with. A hero doesn’t take actions based off emotions, they are above that crap, they don’t fight out of fear, they don’t attack and try and do what is best for everyone.

The 70’s Superman movies were a little cheesy but in Superman 2, the writers were dead on what Superman would really do when it came to fighting Zod. Superman took the fight out of the city to save people. As in the new Man of Steel, he never cared, his fights tore up towns and cities and killed who knows how many. A real hero is always thinking ahead and if it means surrendering to save lives, he does.

Heroes protect others at all cost, they don’t go on hunts to kill another hero and they don’t kill bad guys like it meant nothing. Writers and movie companies are reducing the idea of heroes to sell tickets and make money. Actually this makes them kind of villains, everyone is so ready to bring a hero down to a regular human level so they it makes it easier for them to relate. When really we need to be keeping our heroes on a level that sets examples and I mean good moral examples for others.

We wonder why so many kids are shooting other kids, why so much violence these days. Everyone is scratching their heads wondering what is happening. Well look around, sex, darkness and especially sick violence is all over the TV and Theaters. If we would like to see a better world, people should start wanting better and more moral movies, keep the heroes above us petty immature minded idiots. Build them to be great examples for everyone. This world is getting so lost, we actually need some real super heroes to show up about now to start showing us the light and give us hope.