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Teach Yourself Post-Pandemic Skills – How To Get Started

Awesome New Skills to Teach Yourself Post-Pandemic (And How to Get Started!)

Now that you’re accustomed to being home more often thanks to the pandemic and its aftermath. There’s no point in letting boredom rule your life; you might as well make good use of your time. It’s time to teach yourself post-pandemic skills. Whether it’s a new hobby to fill your evenings, or something to do now that you’re unemployed. There are tons of skills you can teach yourself without leaving the house. Continue reading

Effective Ways to Spruce Up Your Finances

Money is one of the biggest stressors of everyday life, so you should always make sure you’re in good shape financially. If your finances are shaky, take steps to spruce them up. Ensure you’re following best practices so you can stay on track for a financially-sound future. Let’s look at a few ideas that can help you spruce up your finances. Continue reading

Financial Sense Will Ensure Your Long-Term Care

Many elderly Americans believe that their nursing home or assisted living will be covered by Medicare. That Medicare will ensure your long-term care. However, it’s a rude awakening when they discover that isn’t the case. In fact, as valuable as it is, this government program only pays for short-term medical costs for those over age 65.

Continue reading

You Are Not Alone – It’s Your Road To Travel

Life has a way to chip away at us day by day, but remember, you are not alone. It seems it is a never-ending lonely highway, with no end in sight. For some, it appears they were just born to naturally take these challenges and move right through them. Then there are those that get frustrated, overwhelmed and just plain knocked down by these challenges. How can you help, but not to feel lonely? Continue reading