Online Dating Advice for Men

Online Dating Advice for Men

What in the world has the internet done to dating? Have we really changed so much from the time before computers and cell phones – to now the

learn how to approach women

Learn How To Approach Women

Men can be funny when it comes to starting conversations, however their one tracked mind gets in the way sometimes. When it comes to wanting to

Things can help

Even though we men make fun of women shopping, they just might have the right idea. Not all of us of course can afford to go out and buy something

Where did the Man Go?

There was a time when a man was a symbol of strength and his word was gold. Today too many men are pretty boys or spoiled or feel a man

Is Online Dating Really Worth It

Is Online Dating Really Worth It?

When you think of online dating, actually anything online, you think “what a cinch” or that “anybody can do it”, only to find out it is all just so frustrating.