what it means to be a hero


Captain America Civil War, Batman v Superman and more. What is wrong with these writers and what is wrong with people to cheer on such misguided writing. Does anyone really

text your ex back

Text Your Ex Back

Texting your ex back, is that even possible or just some crazy idea or scheme? You may have heard this phrase or others mentioning it or even wondering

instant chemistry

Instant Chemistry

I have been on dating sites and one thing many of the women’s profiles have in common is that they write that they are going to know if there is

online dating

Online Dating

When you think of online dating, actually anything online, you think “what a cinch” or that “anybody can do it”. In reality there are many things online that are not

health and fitness builds the mind

Health and Fitness Builds the Mind

Health and Fitness Builds the Mind, keeping healthy and fit are important but not only just for your body to work right but for your mind as well. When you