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As an immigrant, you may feel uncertain or unsure about your recent move. If you are seeking other ways to connect to a new community. Here are some useful resources, that can help immigrants feel at home.

Help Immigrants Feel at Home

Money Wiring Services 

Exploring your new city is one thing, but you shouldn’t have to search near and far in order to safely and securely send money abroad. Especially if this is your first priority before fully settling into your new community. Help Immigrants Feel at HomeFortunately, there are online services that make wiring money to loved ones stress-free. If you need to send money home to family in Hanoi, for example, a site like Remitly provides convenient transfer services to Vietnam, including no fees on your first transfer. Fees can depend on location but there are no fees on your first transfer to the Dominican Republic, either.

Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteering with local nonprofit and charity organizations, can help you get to know other people in your new city. This can provide you with a new community. One of the best ways to find programs and openings in your new area is to check the global United Way website.

Starting a Business 

Opening your own business can help you connect with the community, You can earn a great living as well, whether you’re starting a restaurant or web-based business. Your first steps will be to find funding, create a marketing plan, choose a business entity, and research the competition.

If you haven’t run a business before, consider going back to school and earning a degree in business. In this type of program, you can learn about marketing, business management, accounting, and more. Instead of traditional in-person learning. Online programs can be completed on your own time so you can continue working while you learn.


Everyone needs a little self-care sometime, and that goes double for hard-working immigrants already dealing with the stress of being in another country, constantly facing a barrage of questions and not knowing what to expect from one day to the next. So remember this advice from Khadeeja Narangoli: “Putting yourself first is not you being selfish. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of someone else. That’s something we tend to forget.” 

Local Hobbies and Clubs 

Another alternative is to join up with local hobby groups and clubs. Just like there are sites and apps that will connect you with volunteer opportunities, there are also apps made to connect you with locals who have similar interests and passions. Apps like MeetUp and InstaMeet are perfect for finding local hobby groups so you can knit, paint, or sip wine while you meet new friends and community connections. There are also apps for locating fitness and active groups. 

Online Groups and Meetups

Getting together with other people in-person may feel uncomfortable right now, and that is perfectly okay. Being able to connect with other locals is still important. However, and thankfully, you can do so via social media and other online resources. There are also ways to help local causes and nonprofits through social media without leaving your home. You could set up a fundraiser and ask your connections to donate or simply post to raise awareness.

Immigrant Programs and Resources 

There are plenty of programs and resources available to help immigrants feel at home in their new country and community. You may be able to find local, online nonprofits programs that are solely dedicated to providing assistance to those who have immigrated to the U.S. 

Major life changes can be stressful, but support, love, and compassion can make any challenge feel lighter and less worrisome. You can find the support you need as a recent U.S. immigrant by looking further into each of the tips and links above.

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December 24, 2021