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This New Year, learn organizing small spaces by using the Lagom philosophy to bring balance to your lifestyle and home. Learn more with our simple guide!

Start The New Year Organizing Small Spaces

The new year calls for resolution making, goal setting, and habit forming geared around self-improvements. While we often look at what we don’t have in our lives and make plans to obtain it, we can examine a different option. Instead of what we do have in our lives, we decide what to leave it in 2019.

Clutter, unneeded belongings and items that bring no benefit should be purged. This allows us to focus on what we enjoy most and find the most value in. Items in our home or office can distract us from what we need to accomplish and can add clutter not only to our space, but also into our lives.

This new year, start small by trying to organize a room in your home or office space by using the Lagom method. The Swedish word ‘Lagom’ means just the right amount – not too much, and not too little and is all about creating a better, happier and more balanced life.

While there is no one way to live this lifestyle, the goal instead is to find a balance. If you are wondering how you can de-clutter rooms in your home, TurboTenant has rounded up 15 easy ways for organizing small spaces like a kitchen or office, by using the Lagom method. Most of these can be done on a daily basis and are a different way of looking at your space to find balance.


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  1. Everything Should Have a Designated Space

Everything in your space should have its own designated space. If you can’t find a home for a belonging then it should be thrown out.

  1. Purge Often and Refuse Gifts

Every month go through your belongings and if you haven’t touched it since the last time you did your sweep, it’s time for it to go.

  1. Pick Up Every Day

It’s important to pick up after yourself every single day to avoid moments of chaos or clutter.

  1. Store Your Appliances on a Bar Cart

Small kitchens often lack many outlets. Take turns bringing out and using your appliances but keep their permanent home on a bar cart to save on storage.

  1. Add a Towel Rack to the Side of the Fridge

Install a towel rack and small shelves to re-purpose the space on the side of a fridge.

  1. Reuse Six-Pack Container for Sauces

Reuse beverage six-pack containers to store condiments and sauces more securely and take up less space.

  1. Try Striped Wall Decor to Trick the Eye

Adding vertical striped wallpaper can make a room appear taller, while horizontal stripes can make it seem wider.

  1. Use a Blanket Hanger

Reuse a ladder as a way to display your throw blankets and add a stylish decor piece to your home.

  1. Invest in Multi-Use Furniture

Although some pieces may be pricier, invest in storage or other multi-use furniture pieces to salvage space in your home or office space.

  1. Use Hanging Totes as Laundry Baskets

Hang totes on your closet door to keep items off the floor.

  1. Install a Shoe Hanger on the Back of a Door

To save space and organize simultaneously, hide your shoes behind a door via a shoe hanger.

  1. Add a Bookshelf to Your Headboard

Install a bookshelf to your headboard or to any free space in your office.

  1. Add a Pegboard to the Back of a Door

Mount a pegboard on the back of your office door, and add hooks and small shelves for storage.

  1. Install a Sliding Medicine Cabinet

Install a medicine cabinet in place of, or in addition to, a typical wall mirror. Add a sliding mirror component to access supplies.

  1. Hang Products on Your Shower Rod

Add metal clips between the rings of your shower rod to hang your bath products and save space on the shower floor.

By using space, limiting clutter, and re-purposing appliances and furniture we can use the Lagom lifestyle to bring balance to your lifestyle and home. If you are interested in more information download the full guide for more tips and detailed how-tos.

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