Things can help

Even though we men make fun of women shopping, they just might have the right idea. Not all of us of course can afford to go out and buy something everyday but sometimes to buy the latest in technology, a new CD, new car or whatever your niche is, can actually boost your spirit. Often when trying to be practical, we tend to live with older things trying to get every last use out of them. At the same time though, we create frustrations and inconveniences that often clash with our busy and hectic schedules. So if you have a car that won’t start right away or a cell phone that either is temperamental or just isn’t up with the times and you rely on these things to get you to work or use in your job, you are cutting down production time and you know it.

Now you’re angry or flustered and you can’t truly focus on what needs to be done, which then leads you down a path of doubt or even depression. Your spirit is tainted and if you are dealing with many old things that half work or just don’t look to the status you want to present about yourself, it can knock you down. Physical things are never the true answer to anyone’s happiness but “things can help”, by being one of those little things that makes your day a little bit brighter or makes it that one less aggravation you have to deal with.

I think organization is the true key to making the day to day flow of things more peaceful. Having your stuff together puts you more in control and feeling more confident and successful. Granted life shouldn’t be mapped out from the time you get up to the time you go to bed, we all have to have some surprises and challenges but for the more routine task, you should get control of them to be prepared for the unexpected. I started working from home, I am a single full time dad and wanted that kind of life style so I could always be there for my child. It took me forever to get a routine, I felt so dysfunctional and like everything was out of control. When I worked from 8 to 5 everyday, that routine cascaded to other routines like cleaning house, laundry, cooking, yard work and still had play time. Once I started my home career I couldn’t figure out how I managed all those things right away because I certainly wasn’t doing very good working from home in the beginning. Eventually I disciplined myself and found my groove and got back to a routine that allowed those surprises and put me in a confident position to handle them.

Technology is an amazing thing, everyday we come up with something that makes life a little easier, especially for those that run on a tight wire for time. They now have wearable technology and that is pretty cool. Imagine wearing your phone on your wrist or a camera on a sweatband. Of course there have been medical monitors for sometime that you can wear either from day to day living to exercising. 3D printing is now a reality, imagine the amount of time that is going to save people like engineers, cake decorators or designers to create what they design on a computer and then print out a full model replica of it. Home entertainment is also jumping into a new era with Smart, Curved and 3D televisions.

A lot of us always sacrifice those little things we would like to have either because of bills, that unexpected expense or for our kids. But it is those little things we would like to have that often gives us a sense of an upgrade, that sense of something new so hence a “Self Improvement”. Granted no one needs to be selfish or greedy and we do have responsibilities so going out and spending all your money on things that make you feel better isn’t going to be the answer but ever now and then, you need to be nice to yourself and treat yourself for all the hard work you do and a little reward for all the sacrifices you make.

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