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Online Dating is like a mouthful in it’s self but it is the way our times are heading. There are so many other thingsOnline Dating that go on with this process both from the user side and the sites themselves. There are sites that don’t want you to fully succeed because as long as you keep looking, you keep spending that monthly fee to pursue your endeavors. Of course you have your free sites but even then they like to keep the men on their because it keeps activity and there are always upgrades and other purchases that are supposed to increase your chances.

The competition is high for the men on dating sites due to higher numbers of men compared to women, for every 9 men there is 1 woman on the average. There are some sites that just flat out lie about the numbers of women that match you in your area. I have tried a lot of sites at one time or another and found many to be a joke. Before you officially sign up, you go through the preliminary “check this site out” phase and it is showing hundreds of women in your area. Even worse you see two or three girls that you just got to meet, so you sign up, pay with your credit card and once your in, those two or three girls are no longer in the list and now you only have about five to ten matches. To add insult to injury the five to ten girls that are available, you wouldn’t date. Of course this nightmare continues for the women, they run into more liars than they can count. Their inbox stays full and most are guys who are really married or have a girlfriend just wanting extra. If not that then they get guys who completely misrepresent themselves.

So this all sounds like more of a hassle than it’s worth but in reality, this is still a great way to meet people. What needs to happen is people just be themselves, men and women both need to write down what they really want in a partner before getting online because truthfully, most people really don’t have a clue when they get on a site. Both sexes are guilty for looking at just the image and not thinking about the person or what is going to really make them happy. Girls seem to want tall, dark, handsome and a super confident man that can just sweep her off her feet. Men are more simple, they just want a woman, yea they start off with that hot girl with a 10 body in the bikini picture but they play the numbers and message every girl in hopes they are going to get one or two, just like fishing and just like fishing have more hours than you can count but often not as enjoyable as fishing can be. Be honest to yourself and those on a site about what you are really looking for. If all you want is a sex buddy, tell it like it is because you have to know that you are not the only one seeking that, so why lie. If you are looking for “forever love ever after”, be honest, there is someone seeking the same. There is no need in being deceptive, don’t convince someone you want love when all your after is a romp in the hay. If you really think about what type of person you want and more than just the physical, keep your criteria selective but also broad, you may find who you are looking for. I always imagined that the true person for me is going to be someone I can imagine being my best friend. People say that is what they are looking for all the time on sites but really think about that statement and what it means on both sides. Friendship is 50/50, a two way street. Put into it what you want out of it.

Luckily there are ways to improve this situation, there are people who have created guides and programs to help create, write and market yourself better in online dating. Most of these programs, meaning to or not, usually do something similar with each other. They help you build your confidence up, they help you find your inner game and then you find the techniques will work with online dating, offline dating and just real world situations period. I have listed below some good programs that can help you achieve becoming better at online dating, help create a profile that not only gets results but helps build your self esteem back up. Dating sites can tear a mans confidence down but don’t let it, the problem isn’t you. It is the level of competition, the way the behind the scenes of the site are set up and then the way you market yourself. We are all not born marketers and advertisers and even if that is your occupation, it isn’t always easy to sell yourself. So look through what we have to offer below and the best of luck to you. I am always open for feedback on your purchases so feel free to contact us.


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There are Free Dating Sites out there but you always have to be careful of that word Free, that often means it is free to create a profile but you have to pay to use the site. The two best fully free I have had the best results with as well as ease of use and decent support are the two listed below. Keep in mind with free means ads all over the pages but not enough to worry about.

Plenty Of Fish (POF) has come along way since when they first started. The site functions better than most paid sites and they have done a great job weeding out most scams and spams. I think Match is the worst, just about a third of the profiles are people claiming to be in another country needing money to come and be with you or they have a check of great value and they just need you to deposit it in your account. The worst is the Craigslist scam where they want to meet you but you need to first go to a site that verifies your age, all you have to do is enter your credit card. With any site, paid or free, you have to be careful and not fall to these scams out of desperation or loneliness. Keep the power, they can come to you, you define the rules. If they are real and really want to meet you, then it will happen with what you are comfortable with. POF also has some nice getting started videos and “How To Advice”, all in all a pretty top rated site. There are of course upgrades for bonus features but you don’t have to have them at all to get full use out of the site.

OKCupid site is not as good as POF, it is small and usually you don’t have many members in your area but the ones that are there are real and the site actually lets you know the persons reply back level. The site like POF, also lets you know who last viewed you and when the last time they were online. Both sites usually gets responses with real people and since they are both free, you can’t go wrong trying them out….

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Hold on to your Tricorder, you may need to do a thorough scan of this one:


Trek Passions

“Analysis Mr. Spock” Well Jim it looks like there is a totally 100% free dating site on the web for Sci-Fi lovers. This site is for Trekkie and Sci-Fi enthusiast from Star Wars to Battlestar Gallactica and a lot more, you’ll find links to the other themes. So even geeks have a place to meet other geeks and I think this is so cool because not only are you going to find someone that isn’t turned off by your intellect and out of the box thinking but it is a great place to make new friends with similar interest. This site has chats, forums and blogs plus videos and fun stuff as well as info on the latest books of this theme. This site has some nice search features, it is very detailed to what you are looking for with a good amount of information. This site is part of Passions Network so in your search, you can select for it to query other Passions Sites outside of the Trek Theme. Check out the video and give this site a try, FREE is always nice to use but as with any sites, there are always upgrade options if you choose but not required.










There are also some specific online dating sites that I have tried and had some good results from. ChristianCupid is a Christian dating site helping Christian men and women find Christian friends and long-term relationships. It’s a pretty small site but has some nice features… it’s best for people searching for serious relationships. I do think the site is more honest than a lot of other paid sites, you will find after you create your free profile that you have access to the advanced search feature unlike a lot of sites. I found it refreshing that my returned search results were the same regardless if you were browsing for free or as an upgraded member. This is especially nice because you want to kick the tires and see if there are any members in your area or if any that would interest you before going through the payment process, so kudos to Cupid Media. The only downside is you may find a lack of subscribers in your area but that may also be due to this site is for serious relationship shoppers. In other words the criteria is more defined for marriage or just good old fashioned courtship, good clean fun where as many other sites, the type of dating is less directed. So if you’re interested in Christian matchmaking, Christian chat or Christian pen-pals this site is a nice Christian niche theme. The site says you join for free but to have full functions, you will need to upgrade.







The Gentleman’s Guide To Online Dating

The Gentleman's Guide to Online DatingDerek Cajun is a well known PUA (Pick Up Artist), he comes from a small city on the East Coast of Canada known for its beautiful women and ridiculously friendly people. Cajun went to the big city pursuing a film career, Cajun realized women here were not as open to talking to strangers as they were back home. One night he met some top Love Systems instructors at a club through a mutual friend and was amazed at how easily they could attract women. Cajun realized he stumbled upon a social goldmine and quickly got himself involved. Cajun is known for his sharp wit, rock solid confidence and ability to attract women of any age. He rarely uses routines or lines, instead he goes more for the natural approach relying on body language, tonality and what he calls “subtext” to create attraction. Cajun holds two university degrees in Film and MIT, and outside of Love Systems is successful as well as a genius with women. I highly recommend his “The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating”. This is a very detailed, all-encompassing guide to getting more women and more dates by using the internet.



There is also a scaled down version for the Kindle      Kindle Version_blue






Deep Online Attraction

Adam Gilad’s Deep Online Attraction covers secrets that he has used to crack the code in seducing the most desired and highest quality women online. You will find this program is packed in PDF format that is divided into many modules so users can read and follow with ease. Discover the three biggest reasons that explain why 80 out of 100 men fail with online dating, why it happens and how they can finally begin getting beautiful and sexy women to email them back. This book also reveals the incredible advantages of online dating.


Here is what you will learn with the Adam Gilad Deep Attraction Online System

  • How to improve your personal brand on any dating site
  • How to write a profile that attracts hot and quality women
  • How to convey your sexuality with class and without sounding vulgar
  • How to avoid the pitfalls associated with online dating
  • How to get everything you want out of your first online date







Men’s Internet Dating

The Internet Dating Mastery Video Course was designed by Christophe Young to teach men about women’s attraction to them and applying this knowledge to online dating. The course was created for men struggling with attracting women online and for those already experiencing some success in online dating. The course is designed to help men bring out their behaviors that increase their value, and stop the behaviors that don’t.

In this Online Video Course you get access to over 25 full length videos teaching all the ideas, concepts, techniques and secrets that took Christophe Young years to figure out and develop. It also includes video demonstrations of Christophe going online and emailing attractive women. All the main material and bonus reports and eBooks are in easy to read PDF format ready to download all through a user friendly member’s only website so you can find and re-watch your favorite videos quickly and easily. You will get immediate access to the best knowledge and advice so you can start emailing and meeting women right now all risk free with a 60 day money back guarantee!

Just a few of the topics covered in this course are as follows:

  • Paid vs. free online dating sites
  • Top 5 online dating sites, and those to avoid
  • Why women sign up to online dating sites and their true intentions when meeting guys
  • The words and phrases to use in a profile
  • Avoid listening to profile advice from women
  • How to appeal to younger and attractive women
  • How to communicate to women online that you want to date
  • Starting a conversation that works
  • The number of emails to send per day
  • How to get a woman to meet you in person
  • A method to attract beautiful and compatible women
  • The things you should not reveal about yourself in emails to women
  • Getting a woman’s phone number via email
  • How to stop acting needy when sending emails
  • Dialogue and conversation examples with women online
  • 4 fun and light conversation topics
  • How to get a woman back to your place
  • How to guide a conversation into the right direction
  • What to do if a woman cancels or postpones a date
  • The big mistake most guys make when making a date location decision
  • How to set up a second date, when and what to text her
  • Why being considered a player is a good thing and how to convey it in an online profile

100 Money Back Guarantee            Bonuses included:

– How to Dominate Singles Events
– How I Find (Casual) Relationships Online
– 101 Eye Catching, Email Subject Lines For Online Dating
– 5 powerful online dating profiles examples
– Text This, Not That









Online Dating Success For Men: Kezia Noble


Online dating is booming! More and more beautiful women are signing on dating web sites than ever before! But most men do NOT have a clue about how to make the maximum impact with their messages or how to construct their profile and photos in a way that attracts women. Find out how to increase your online dating success with women with this step by step e-book.

Kezia Noble is the most well known PUA (pick up artist) trainer who is a woman. Kezia was born in London and has been training since 2006 and is the author of ‘The Noble Art of Seducing Women.’ Her courses and systems focus on mindset, approach anxiety, body language, conversation skills, and sexual escalation, she also teaches her students how to handle alpha women and what she terms ‘bitch shields’. Kezia Noble has many books, DVDs is one of the few dating coaches that holds regular live workshops in the major US and European cities.

She has been helping men since 2006 increase their current level of success in online dating, there is nothing she doesn’t know about in relation to what is needed to attract women online and what turns them off too. You will find a lot more beautiful women are signing up to online dating websites every single day, more than ever before. Unfortunately most of these men on thee dating sites really don’t have a clue how to use “Online Dating” to their advantage and get success out of this golden opportunity. Kezia’s “Online dating Success for Men” will teach you how to apply her knowledge of what attracts women and turns them off to this cyber way of romantic mingling.


After going through this course you should be able to do the following consistently:

331-right-symbol-1013tm-mixSecure dates with the women you want far more than before

331-right-symbol-1013tm-mixReceive far more positive responses to your messages than you do currently

331-right-symbol-1013tm-mixUnderstand and work out the games women play, the tests they set men and their psychology too

331-right-symbol-1013tm-mixConsistently improve with each message that you send

331-right-symbol-1013tm-mixComprehend a clear and honest insight into the female mind


Online Dating Is Booming
Maximize Your Chances and Succeed With Beautiful Women Online

If you are sick of the over exaggerated claims and quick fix techniques from dating coaches and self-acclaimed online dating experts, only to find that those techniques don’t work. If you have tried and failed with so called ‘copy paste’ messages supplied by PUAs only to find that they produced no results. If your life style and job mean that you lack the time to go out to meet anyone and you would like to be one of those men who do actually succeed with online dating, go to the NEXT PAGE for full details on how to maximize your chances with beautiful women online.

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Finding the One Online1

Internet’s Top Dating Coach – Evan Marc Katz – offers dating and relationship advice to smart, strong, successful women with his “Finding the One Online” program….


So do any of the following sound familiar?

check_clip_artYour Profile lacks attention

check_clip_artWritten several men in a row only to be rejected

check_clip_artIn your online conversation, your man disappears

check_clip_artYou keep finding liars

check_clip_artBeen discriminated by your age

check_clip_artWhy does it seem you can only get the wrong types to contact you

check_clip_artDoes it feel like it just takes too much time and energy for online dating


If you’ve ever encountered any of these frustrating situations, and have wanted to discover the simplest and most effective path to finding love and happiness online, then this is going to be the most important program you have ever looked at. Evan Marc Katz will reveal in his 5-part formula to knowing exactly what the opposite sex is thinking, and how you can use this knowledge to create the happy, healthy relationship you’ve always dreamed about!

In theory, online dating should be incredibly easy and a successful way to meet men . You can take your time to create a profile that is “you” with your personality and characteristics. Filter through men until you come up with a list of who might really interest you, plus online dating can actually be less of an expense than trial and error in real life. But no matter how well you think your profile is, you still keep attracting the men you really don’t want. Katz’s “Finding the One Online” program will help you understand the characteristics you need to heighten, the pictures you should choose how to weed out the liars from the honest ones.


331-right-symbol-1013tm-mixDeveloping a Healthy Mindset and Choosing the Proper Website

331-right-symbol-1013tm-mixWitty Usernames, Smiling Photos, Broad Searches

331-right-symbol-1013tm-mixWriting a One-of-a-Kind Profile and Understanding the Opposite Sex

331-right-symbol-1013tm-mixFrom the First Email to the First Date

331-right-symbol-1013tm-mixSuccessful Dating, Common Questions, and Wrap-Up


You will receive six and a half hours of audio, which you can listen to in your car or on your computer, you will receive a full transcript of the entire series. In addition you will get a 35 page workbook that will cover seven important written lessons that will transform your perspective on dating forever.


Topics covered in this workbook:


check_clip_artYour website

check_clip_artUsernames and Headlines

check_clip_artYour photos

check_clip_artYour search

check_clip_artYour Profile

check_clip_artYour Emails


This program is available in digital download format and a Full CD Series . You also get some bonuses like The Top 10 Mistakes You’re Definitely Making Online” eBook, “What Men Want” and “How to Choose Your Ideal Long-Term Partner” both in audio format. Click on Read More and find out the complete details on how to get your own copy of this program.

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Attract More Higher Quality Men Online
Turn your negative online dating experiences around and get the man you want

If you are finding that online dating seems more work than it is worth based on the type of men that are contacting you or all the ones you have messaged that are not replying back, then try Evan Marc Katz "Finding the One Online".

Evan Marc Katz has been offering dating and relationship advice to smart, strong and successful women for years. Katz’s site offers valuable advice and great solutions through programs and coaching along with inspiring success stories. Katz was in Warner Brothers Writers Workshop from 1996-2001, finished in the Top 20 of the IFP Screenwriters Lab, placed in the Top 3 of the first Project Greenlight with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and went to UCLA Film School. Due to the natural Film Industry struggles, Katz was laid off to find his way to his first step to becoming a future dating coach, answering phones at an online dating site called JDate. Being in this job, he realized he was onto something. There were 40 million people dating online; nobody was showing them how to do it well. With all of his writing and film experience and with his JDate knowledge, lead him one year later to write his first book “I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating” and launched his first website, e-Cyrano online dating profile writing. Katz has over 1.5 million blog readers, over 50,000 newsletter subscribers, and thousands of satisfied clients who find his take on relationships to be enlightening, entertaining and empowering. He has been featured on CNN, New York Times, Time, Wall Street Journal, NBC and many more.

Katz is not a fly by night "Pick Up Artist" with cheesy advice, he is a real dating coach with a reputable success rate. This course is $197 for the digital version but considering what can be spent in memberships on dating sites over an unsuccessful period, it is a bargain. Katz's blog itself is full of good information plus other coaching is available. It is backed by a 100% money back guarantee and you can use PayPal for purchasing. Take the guesswork out of online dating and take this successful path to online dating and get the man you have been dreaming of.

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