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Illustrated silhouette of a man sitting with his head in his handLife has a way of beating us all down either by your job, raising all the kids on you own, personal drama with friends and family or just plain bad experiences in love. In truth tough times makes you stronger but quite often it causes you to harden and become cynical and less likely to open up fully as you once did in young love. We build defenses to keep others from getting too close so we can’t get hurt or be prepared for the worst. The only problem is if you keep others out or at a distance, they can’t fully love you back. Hey life is tough but you should never let any of the negative keep you from a positive happy life. The thought of finding the one true love or the perfect sex buddy or even the perfect someone to hang with is an inspiring wish. But we should never put the responsibility upon someone else to be the reason to live or to complete our happiness. We have to find our happiness within ourselves and we most certainly need to be happy and content before pulling someone else into Confident Guy w-girlour lives. Being needy is a turn off and usually leads to all sorts of problems, then insecurities and it just all goes down hill from there. But there are solutions, there are people who have years of research and real life experience that have put what they have learned and know into programs, books and dating boot-camps to help those who are having a hard time with dating and love. These programs help build your self esteem up and bring your confidence level back up to speed. Online dating is hard enough but Offline Dating is even harder so any help or advice you can get shouldn’t be over looked.

Offline Dating is that which isn’t on the web, dating in real life and in person. Personal face to face interaction takes a little more confidence and skill than online dating, you can’t hide behind the monitor. So if you have one of those faces that reads like a deck of cards and you are struggling with dating or don’t even know how to get started in successful real world dating, you may want to seek some help. I have researched products, programs and coaching for this very thing and have listed them below just for this reason. Imagine how much tougher we were 25 years or more ago, we didn’t have the easy convenience of sitting behind a keyboard and monitor to ask someone out, we had to strike up the courage to do it in person. I think technology is great but we have lost something with it. Men aren’t men like they used to be and I feel because of this change, that men are letting the ladies down putting them in a different position causing a trickle-down effect that has just messed up the dating scene all together. The programs I have listed will help trend you back to how things should work. Women like confident men and not those who fake it, women are smart, a lot of them have a built in tuning fork, they can tell when you are faking confidence. With men not carrying their part, women have become more dominate in some areas and men have given them way too much power when it comes to choosing a mate. Women like men who take charge and shows that they know what they want. The help listed below goes over these topics plus a whole lot more. Get back on track and learn to deal with the current times of dating, find confidence and start enjoying life, not struggling with it. Keep in mind that any product or system out there isn’t a magic fix. There are just some women or men that are not worth your time and definitely not worth beating yourself down for. Years ago I met a girl that nearly destroyed me, I got caught up in that phase we all do feeling like I had to have her badly because I couldn’t have her. After a while when I stepped back and really looked at the person she was, I thought I must have lost my mind to want such a terrible person. So not every product or service will work on every one and maybe a good thing…


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The Tao Of Badass


This guide is both in PDF format and video created by Joshua Pellicer to help boost men’s confidence and place them in a positive mindset. You will find if you go through the course, not skim through it but take it like you were paying for a class, that this will help you be a bad-ass in work , in college , with your boss , with your colleagues , with your teachers and everyone. You will realize your inner game is charged with a positive energy and you’ll realize there is no reason to think little of yourself and put yourself not being good enough for a woman, it will be her that needs to be good enough for you. Joshua Pellicer is one of the most popular pick up artists (PUA) on the World Wide Web.

Pellicer used to be a shy, insecure and unattractive guy that wasn’t successful with the ladies, let alone dating. He started out on the internet looking for women just like you and is now considered one of the best dating coaches in the world. But he started to research the psychology of women and how they determine attractiveness. He studied body language, voice tone and the words you need to say, that can make or break you. However, body language is one of the most essential components of your “game”. Pellicer used to study Social Dynamics in North Carolina which from that helped lay out the foundation to being a great PUA. He then began to study more on relationships between men and women which gave him more insight into the psychology of women and relationships. Pellicer also has his own radio show where he gives advice to insecure men who are struggling with dating.


Here is a list of some of the topics that are covered in this PDF/Video guide.


331-right-symbol-1013tm-mix      The three common mistakes that cause men to strike out every time


331-right-symbol-1013tm-mix    How to develop the attitude you need for success


331-right-symbol-1013tm-mix    How to use eye contact and body language to charm a woman into submission


331-right-symbol-1013tm-mix    How to quickly initiate an interesting conversation with any woman


331-right-symbol-1013tm-mix    How to read the nonverbal cues women are always sending subconsciously


Also there are a total of 9 bonus modules that are not mentioned in the main guide, one of which covers the area of cheating, why it happens and the steps you can take to ensure it never happening again.

The Website design could be a little better and you have to be realistic here as well. This isn’t going to work on every woman out there, that would be a magic wand or pill. There are some women that are just not worth the effort, heartache or your time. But this system can change your chances and better your attitude towards yourself and that is what is really important. This system has a solid 4.3 rating across the Web and if followed through thoroughly, it will work on just about every woman you meet.

You will get unlimited access to Pellicer’s personal coaching with different PUA gurus that provides supplementary content on how to attract women and how to develop your inner game as well as your originality.

You get a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked policy so this is risk free to try. 100 Money Back Guarantee

I would highly recommend this system for those who are not wanting to go to a dating coach or a Dating Boot-Camp which are very helpful. Click below on “Read More”, I have provided extra material and an Attraction Guide Flow Chart you will find interesting….



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Kezia Noble

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Kezia Noble is a very incredibly sexy and smokin hot London girl that also just happens to be known being the top leading female pickup coach who gives honest and straight forward feedback and advice. Come on guys, who could give better advice on how to pick up a hot girl than a hot girl and Kezia is very sexy hot, you will see when you go to the next page. Kezia has been a Pick Up Artist Trainer since 2006 and has taught thousands of men the art of seduction through her more natural teachings like; mind set, displaying a higher value, anxiety, body language, conversational skills and sexual escalation. She also teaches men how to take down the bitch shield and handle the “Alpha Woman”.

Kezia has many products, as well as Boot-Camps that are held in various places like New York and Los Angeles as well as places in Europe. She also holds a 7 day Pick Up Mastery Course which is highly rated and life changing. Kezia is a man’s success to dating women with her wide variety of topics but consistent methods. Take a look at some of her products which you will find more detail on the next page.


pointing_finger_clip_art_thumb copy   Deep Connection, This DVD is split in to 25 separate steps with hours of groundbreaking techniques that will give you a step by step break down which will have you mastering the art of creating deep connection, and hand you one of the most powerful secrets in the seduction community.


pointing_finger_clip_art_thumb copy   Attraction To Seduction, The Ultimate DVD in seduction. The seduction formula DVD set will give you EVERY skill, technique and method you will ever need to seduce beautiful women.


pointing_finger_clip_art_thumb copy   The Text and Phone Game Tired of getting girls numbers only to find them flaking on you? Do you want powerful text messages that help you to secure her interest and increase your chances of seeing her again? This e-book shares with you ALL the secrets that will turn those numbers you get from women into dates!


pointing_finger_clip_art_thumb copy   “The 10 Hook Lead System” Are you sick of running out of things to say to women after the opening line? ‘Running out of things to talk about too soon’ is one of the most common major sticking points that guys have.The 10 hook lead system is a clear, practical and actually quite a fun way to have great conversations with women.


pointing_finger_clip_art_thumb copy    What Girls Want Men To Wear Guide For Men by leading experts Kezia Noble and Daniel Johnson. Discover what girls want men to wear and why first impressions count.


pointing_finger_clip_art_thumb copy   iPhone app Kezia Pick Up Lines. Professionally crafted ?pick up lines? that work, any time, any place, any situation, to get any girl!


pointing_finger_clip_art_thumb copy   The Noble Art of Seducing Women? Have you ever dreamt of becoming an infallible seducer of women? This book tells you everything you need to know, courtesy of the world’s only major female PUA (pick-up artist), Kezia Noble! The Noble Art of Seducing Women is the first and only sure-fire pick-up guide to be written by a woman. It has the potential to transform a lonely man into someone who need never be single again? unless, of course, he wants to be?


Kezia Noble offers high quality service and products and with the quality you receive, you get true results. There are many products and books on the market by some well-known coaches and PUA’s but Kezia’s materials are high caliber backed by her experiences and reputation. If you are serious about mastering dating and serious meaning high level looking for a true professional, then browse her line of products on the next page. You will not be disappointed.

Kezia Noble's Solutions To Men's Dating Dilemmas
Celebrity Dating Coach For Men

Kezia is an International Public Speaker, Author of the book "The Noble Art Of Seducing Women", Has helped over 18000 men globally and has appeared in the media like; Esquire, Men'sHealth, marie claire, Daily Express, GQ, AskMen, DailyMail, BBC Radio and many more.

She is the proven real deal and if you want to be a true success at dating, seducing women or just make your love life something you always dreamed about, Kezia is the one that can help you make that happen. Click on the NEXT PAGE and find the help and training she can offer you.

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The Tao of Dating: The Smart Woman’s Guide to Being Absolutely Irresistible

Book CoverThe Tao of Dating offers smart, successful women the ultimate dating road map. For those seeking a lifetime of deep love and fulfillment, this intelligent, spiritual, practical and wise approach provides much-needed guidance. ‘Dr Ali Binazir offers so much practical wisdom, and delivers it with deep humor and heart. The Tao of Dating is a profoundly helpful manual for women who want to feel their best and be truly fulfilled in love. The Tao of Dating is the gift of the goddesses, reminding us that women are the ones who hold the keys to fulfillment in relationships, that when women claim their feminine power of simply being who they are, women cannot but find the happiness they want. It’s up to women to navigate the ship to the safe harbor they so desire.

Some of the topics covered in The Tao of Dating:

  • The dilemma of the career-oriented woman
  • How to embrace your inner goddess
  • Why men are so damn horny
  • Why you need to kill the prince
  • The perfect guy vs. the perfect guy for you
  • The big secret about how men relate to female beauty
  • Your secret gift as a woman
  • Why good women get involved (and stay) in bad relationships
  • How to spot bad boys
  • How to love your body now
  • Thirteen places to meet great men
  • Why long-distance relationships suck
  • Internet dating: perils and opportunities
  • Meeting men: should you initiate or not?
  • Fail-safe ways to make men approach you
  • The Three-Man plan
  • Rejection-Proofing yourself
  • Use your Unfair Advantage
  • The Magic Question
  • How to be irresistible
  • The Passion Formula
  • 3 ways to make a man fall in love with you
  • What drives men away
  • Getting the second date
  • The right time to have sex with a man
  • How to keep a man worth keeping


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Internet’s Top Dating Coach – Evan Marc Katz – offers dating and relationship advice to smart, strong, successful women

The Secret to Keeping a Man is Forgetting the Future and Enjoy the Present. Have you ever started dating a guy and immediately, you’re walking on eggshells? It’s not that he’s a bad guy or that he’s being inconsistent with you, it’s just that, for the first time in a long time, you’re excited about a man and because this feeling occurs so infrequently, it’s really got you in a tailspin. Even though things have been nothing short of perfect for these first two weeks, you feel a pit of dread in your stomach. You can’t help but feel and ask yourself;

“What’s going to go wrong here?”

“When is the other shoe going to drop?”

“I hope he’s serious about a long-term relationship.”

But most of all you don’t want to waste your time on the wrong man ever again. No woman over the age of 20 should assume that every man is solid, stable, and relationship-oriented. Naturally, you want to minimize your chances of getting hurt. But what is the result of this fearful, walking-on-eggshells, mindset? You start to obsess when he doesn’t call. You ask your friends what it “means” when he says, “I’ll see you later.” You tense up. You lose sleep. You become uptight. You want to be loved so badly, but you’re so afraid of getting hurt that you’ve turned yourself into a shell of your best self.

Men do what they want to do, if they want to call you, they’ll call you. If they want to introduce you to their family, they’ll introduce you to their family. If they want to take down their profiles and commit, they’ll do it. Which is why, when you want to know what you should do about the guy who makes you weak in the knees, the answer couldn’t be more simple: NOTHING!!!

The right guy steps up to the plate and commits to you in the first couple of months. The wrong guy never escalates his efforts and keeps you as a once-a-week option indefinitely. Why? Because that’s what he wants to do, thus, it’s really easy to tell the difference between a man who’s serious and a man who’s wasting your time, so you don’t invest more than 8 weeks in a dead-end relationship. But in order to get any relationship off the ground, you have to put off all fears, all nudging, and all thoughts of your future and just enjoy the present. The right guy knows what to do next.

Evan Marc Katz offers coaching plans, profile writing services, programs and more, check out his site and see how he can help you with the dating dilemma.

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Evan Marc Katz
Internet's Top Dating Coach

Evan Marc Katz offers dating and relationship advice to smart, strong and successful women. Katz’s site offers valuable advice and great solutions through programs and coaching along with inspiring success stories. Katz was in Warner Brothers Writers Workshop from 1996-2001, finished in the Top 20 of the IFP Screenwriters Lab, placed in the Top 3 of the first Project Greenlight with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and went to UCLA Film School. Due to the natural Film Industry struggles, Katz was laid off to find his way to his first step to becoming a future dating coach, answering phones at an online dating site called JDate. Being in this job, he realized he was onto something. There were 40 million people dating online; nobody was showing them how to do it well. With all of his writing and film experience and with his JDate knowledge, lead him one year later to write his first book “I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating” and launched his first website, e-Cyrano online dating profile writing. Katz has over 1.5 million blog readers, over 50,000 newsletter subscribers, and thousands of satisfied clients who find his take on relationships to be enlightening, entertaining and empowering. He has been featured on CNN, New York Times, Time, Wall Street Journal, NBC and many more.
If you are struggling, have questions or just plain frustrated with dating, click on the “Learn More Button” to end this fluster and start living in peace and being happy.

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This is an eGuide for women that can be downloaded in PDF eBook, Videos and Audio files, created by the Author, “Claire Casey”.  This is a step-by-step guide designed to help any woman become the intoxicating temptress that the man of her dreams can’t resist. This guide is excellent for women between the ages of 24 to 65 that are single, casually dating, or returning to the dating world.

Open that door in yourself that magically pulls men in and learn how to see, understand, and easily remove all the invisible barriers that stand between you and your dream man. you will learn dozens of tactics for awakening your inner siren, including how to maintain your sexy inner grin, how to seduce a man using only your eyes, and how to make conversation like you’re making love. Jam-packed with over 20 hours of content, this one-time-payment membership course is a hit with women of all ages.

You will have access to the premium membership area where you can watch training materials, download content, and communicate with other women following the course. Content is released over the course of two weeks along with an email newsletter, Lifetime access to the membership area is also included in this package.


These are some of the Modules covered in this guide:

1194998135479815122apply.svg.medUnlocking His Head (and Looking Inside)


1194998135479815122apply.svg.medUnleashing Your Inner Siren


1194998135479815122apply.svg.medHoly Sh*t, It’s Working! Now What?


1194998135479815122apply.svg.medKeep Him Panting at Your Feet… Forever!


1194998135479815122apply.svg.medBonuses Plus More


Learn the 3 Steps to Make a Man Love You, hear about how a former player reveals how his fiancé “tricked him into being hers and see the video that reveals 3 simple tricks no man can resist. Click on the “Read More” button below to get all the details….100 Money Back Guarantee









Discover the proven method of attracting, seducing and dating the women you want

Have you often felt there is something wrong with you in some way when you have little to no success at attracting and dating women?
In most cases than not it is a man’s techniques and approaches he’s using that is producing his failure, not who he is.

Magic Bullets has already worked for literally tens of thousands of men of different ages and backgrounds all over the world. You will see immediate results from the step by step instructions and techniques that you can begin to use right away. Here are just a few of the the things you will discover…..

bullet points01


Magic Bullets is based on the actual psychology of sexual attraction in women that most men have simply ignored over time. The methodology used to perfect Magic Bullets was nothing short of scientific. It took 5 full years of testing and re-testing, trial run after trial run, refining and fine-tuning to arrive at this fool-proof system that used to be reserved only for celebrities, rockstars and other rich and famous people.

There is no need in pretending to be someone you are not, reinventing yourself, put on a persona, change who you are and you won’t be using pick up lines for this to work. Magic Bullets teaches you how you can have direct access to a woman’s “attraction switch” so you can easily flip it on at will exactly as you are right now.

You will go through 4 steps with this system:

  1. Foundation
  2. The Emotional Progression Model
  3. Understanding the Context
  4. The Skills For Success

You also get 4 Bonuses and all of this is risk free covered by a 30-day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Magic Bullets has even been proven to work on live TV. Recently ABC Nightline put these methods to the test and of course it passed with flying colors. Their hidden cameras showed that with the right techniques even a regular guy (like you) can attract and seduce gorgeous women.

Start Meeting, Attracting and Dating the Women You Want
Magic Bullets is what you have been waiting for!!
  • Develop a fun, passionate and sexual relationship with the women of your dreams...
  • Know where to find drop-dead gorgeous ladies and how you'll be able to make them putty in your hands...
  • Have the confidence, skills and strategies to meet, attract and seduce desirable women (from your office, right through to the supermarket or a local nightspot) consistently, effectively and spontaneously...
  • Forever erase "rejection" from your vocabulary and from your general consciousness, and never have to feel awkward or embarrassed around women - ever again...

Enter your name and email and click on the “Learn More” button to access the full details on how to get this long awaited and magic guide. It is all downloadable so access is instant and nothing in the mail you might feel embarrassed to explain to anyone. Start your success now!!

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The Text and Phone GameThe Text and Phone Game

By Kezia Noble

Would you like to get a powerful and honest insight in to the female mind?

Do you get girls numbers but for some reason you can’t turn those numbers into meet ups or dates?

Do you ever find yourself asking, “If she gave me her number then why doesn’t she want to meet up with me?”

Are you sick of girls not responding the WAY YOU WANT them to respond when you phone or text them?

Would you like some free tips and advice HOW TO TURN HER ON via texts without coming across sleazy?

If you would like to get an insight on the techniques that get the girl interested in you AFTER you’ve obtained her number, then here is an eBook that explains steps every guy should know to make his texting turn into phone calls, meet ups and dates.

Kezia has been dating since she was 14 and has the phone experience as anyone and if you were going to take advice from a dating coach, who better than a hot girl that will tell you like it is. A girl that will tell you what turns girls off and what can turn them on?

This eBook attacks the concern and problems guys face with trying to master how to text and talk to a woman on the phone by offering good guidelines on what to and not to do from a female perspective.

This eBook includes example text and covers why phone calls are better than text and will have you converting your text into phone calls. Kezia also covers the phone call dilemmas that many guys use to hold themselves back from talking to a girl on the phone:

  • Running out of things to say
  • What if it gets uncomfortable
  • She might be busy

Learn more about this eBook and how it can help you start becoming a master at texting girls, turn those text into phone calls and then dates. Plus you get to watch a FREE Video the reveals 3 tips on how to turn those numbers into dates….

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