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The Tao Of Badass” by Josh Pellicer is a course and guideline that actually encourages men to be real when approaching and talking to women, using their own personality.

Pellicer doesn't teach cheesy stupid one-liners or unrelaistic methods to approach women with. His methods to attracting women are with a more natural means such as humor and a more confident inner game in which he teaches men how to find their inner game and confidence.

  • Discover your inner game
  • Learn how to develop your body language
  • Discover how humor establishes easy communications with women
  • Learn how to become confident
  • Discover how to be mysterious and how that presents you as confident and makes a woman more interested in you
  • Discover the mistakes men are making with women
  • Improve your seductions skills
  • Discover insights with gender role
  • Learn how to keep conversations going
  • Become a real success with women without changing who you are


Author: Expert/ Dating Coach Josh Pellicer

Intended for Men Attracting Women

Company: Tao Of Badass

Release Date:   October 2011

Format: eBook, Online Videos, Membership

Price: $67.00 (One Time Fee)

Rating: 97/100 Overall




In this course Tao of Badass you will find these key topics:


  • Practical Examples
  • Body Language
  • Playing Your Gender Role
  • Judging Someone’s Value
  • Passing Tests From Women
  • Creating Rapport And Forming Deep Connections

Under "Practical Examples", there could have been a few more examples added and maybe a little more explanation of how to apply them but I think it was done that way so you can use your own imagination and apply the supplied examples from your own personality. However the examples that are given are pretty good and I don't think you will be disappointed.

You will see how Pellicer stresses that you keep your composure of high value which I completely agree as keeping this stance promotes confidence. Some of the examples explain how using banter and being playful leads to starting conversations but also keeping them going. As well as this approach takes the seriousness out that first approach awkwardness.

The "Body Language" section is fairly strong into showing the different stages of body languages and how you adjust them to reflect how the woman is reacting. Because it isn't easy to convey body language using words, there are videos in the member's area that will demonstrate how to use them. Pellicer explains how using body language promotes confidence and even a bit of a dominating persona.

"Playing Your Gender Role" is probably the strongest parts of this course. This topic covers the subject of how a strong masculine energy will be attracted to a strong feminine energy, and why it’s important for you to always be playing the male gender role. This is crucial information to know, and a lot of other dating products don’t really cover this enough.

This section is very helpful beyond dating. This suubject is one of the main keys to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Learning this information alone would have a big impact on your success with women and be worth the cost of the course alone. 

The "Judging Someone’s Value" section is one that is kind of unheard of in other coaching information. Here you will try and figure out what someone’s value level is based on a numerical figure of between six and ten. This theory is being that the best way to deal with people is to try and figure out how they operate and then you can figure out how to deal with them accordingly to make them like you.

The "Passing Tests From Women" section is one that is covered frequently in other coaching programs but Pellicer is spot on in this course. Pellicer describes the different tests women throw at men as either being a congruency test or a compliance test. He explains what these test are and why women do it. Pellicer provides examples,some really good, others are so-so, he could've provided a few more but there is plenty there to grasp the idea.

If you struggle with creating connections and good rapport with women, the "Creating Rapport And Forming Deep Connections" section will be extremely helpful to you. Many guys focus on trying to create rapport with women before they have attraction, you will discover when the right time to seek rapport.

In this section, the process of creating love is discussed, it involves creating rapport and then bonding over shared emotional experiences and life lessons. You will also discover the theory such as using the ‘I’ perspective instead of the ‘You’ perspective. Examples are provided to explain this more in depth.

Bonuses are also included in this course such as material in the member's area, video footage, audio interview with other dating coaches and written reports. These reports cover topics such as "how to break up like a man", "how to avoid the friend zone" and "how to never get cheated on". All of this is really good and have a lot of solid information in them.  

The Pros to this program is that Pellicer covers many topics that you will not find in other dating coach material. I found that he teaches you to be a better you while still holding true to who you are. The sections "Playing your gender role" and "Creating Rapport and Forming Deep Connections" is worth the whole course. Pellicer stressing confidence to build your inner game will not only help in your dating life but in life period. I found this to be great if you are wanting to create deeper bonds and develop more meaningful relationships with women. You will also learn why women are attracted to masculine, confident men.

The Cons to all of this is that there are some subjects that could use a little more explaining but not enough to that you feel cheated. I found a few marketing inserts in some of the bonus material. 

You will need to build up your self confidence to begin using the techniques put forward in this book.  If you have low self-confidence,  you might find you will have to spend a lot of time on Chapter 3.

About Joshua Pellicer


Joshua Pellicer is a professional dating coach and a former member of The Art of Charm. Pellicer has appeared on The Today Show on NBC, Current TV, The New York Daily News, The New York Press, Pellicer also formerly co-hosted Game On on Sirius XM Radio, the first show ever on satellite radio completely devoted to improving the listener's success with women..

Born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida, Pellicer began studying Social Dynamics in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in an attempt to understand his relationships. After his studies left him fascinated, they gave him more of an insight into healthy relationships. As a result devoted his life to understanding, and eventually teaching the nuances of social interaction. Pellicer now has positions teaching dating and relationship-related content with a number of companies but primarily focuses on his one-on-one clients and his eCourses.


 Joshua Pellicer appeared with his first dating product in 2009, although it wasn't until 2011 that he started making a name for himself. In 2011 his Tao of Badass started to become very popular. In 2012 it grew into one of the most popular and widely distributed dating advice products on the Internet. Many TV and radio shows have invited him to interview with them. He has also worked alongside The Anthony Robbins Company and as a demographic consultant for AXE Body spray’s advertising department.


Joshua Pellicer is a guy who has a heavy background in Neuro Linguistic Programming and has clearly read extensively on the subject of psychology. This comes across clearly in this course, which is heavy on theory and discusses a lot of techniques that have their foundation rooted in psychology. He is clearly an intelligent guy and this is reflected in how Tao of Badass was put together. So for people who enjoy learning about the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’, you’ll appreciate the science and research that is in this course.


Personal Details


Profession: Pick Up Artist, Dating Coach, Dating Author, Tao of Badass Inc.

Date of Birth: September 21, 1982

Height: 5'9"

Nationality: American

Media Appearances: The Art of Charm, The Today Show on NBC, Current TV, The New York Daily News, The New York Press, Game On Sirius XM Radio


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