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Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever” by Claire Casey and Michael Fiore’s Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever is a combination ebook and online training system that breaks down the how-tos of successful dating with straightforward, proven techniques.

Capture His Heart is filled with information about how men think, and how to approach dating and love to get a great guy to commit fully. If you follow the program from the beginning, it will change how you think about dating, and you’ll see results in the way you are approached by men. You will learn to stop attracting losers or men with commitment-phobes, you will make yourself irresistible, and finally get the perfect relationship you’ve been craving.

Discover Claire Casey's 3 steps to make him love you:

  • Stop being desperate
  • Plant future seeds in the man's mind
  • Make him chase you


Author: Expert/Claire Casey

Intended for Women Attracting Men

Company: Digital Romance

Format: Ebook, Audio, Video, Coaching

Release Date: 2013

Price: $47.00 (one-time payment)

Refund Policy: 60-day, no questions asked, full (100%) money back guarantee

Rating: 96/100 Overall


Review & Testimonials


Claire Casey gives you instant, online access to a simple, step-by-step system in which Claire reveals her powerful secrets, techniques, and ideas to quickly and easily attract and keep the attention of any man.  This is the exact same program, relationship expert Michael Fiore's own girlfriend used to transform him from a self-proclaimed player to her devoted and loving husband and to become a woman he would never dream of leaving. 

The easy to implement concepts and techniques taught in the Capture His Heart system are designed to help you get inside a man's mind, body, and soul so you can make him fall in love with you, commit to you, and connect with you on a deep, emotional, and primal level.

Here are some of the techniques and concepts you will discover in this course:

  • The Hunter Principle and why high value men actually need to feel like they earned you before they will commit
  • 7 Obstacles Women Put Up that make it almost impossible for the man of your dreams to find you
  • The Bigger Fish Technique for instantly repulsing cheaters, players, and other men who aren't worth your time so you can actually attract the type of man you want
  • Eye Seduction Techniques that get men to desire you and chase you without you needing to say a single word
  • The Lighthouse Method for making yourself the most desirable woman in any room even if you feel surrounded by women you think are younger, prettier, and more "endowed" than you
  • The Gateway Technique that makes it far easier for men to approach and flirt with you
  • How To Instantly Defeat A Man's Fear Of Commitment and have him excited about spending the rest of his life with you


There is a lot of content in this programof which you will discover some indicators women just have to know and now can:

  • The ONE indicator that will let you know if he’s cheating
  • How you can predict the odds of his cheating
  • The 7 types of affairs, and what an affair is REALLY about
  • The shocking truth about the training of most therapists and counselors


You also get the no-nonsense answers to three huge questions:

  • Is it true that “once a cheater… always a cheater”?
  • How can I prevent him from cheating?
  • What’s the first step I take if I discover him cheating?


This course is broken down into 4 modules:

Unlocking his head - Understand how the man's mind works

Unleashing your inner siren - Learn tips and strategies on how you can reignite the most attractive aspects of yourself

Holy sh*t, it's working! Now what? - Learn to separate and spot a man who is or isn't willing to commit to you

Keep him panting at your feet incessantly - Learn what you need to be doing after you find Mr. Right and keep him deeply in love with you

Read just a few testimonials from very happy women:


“Optimistic about love... for the first time in a long time!”

Optimistic about love…for the first time in a long time!

Most of my friends have no idea what it’s like to be single. They have good intentions, but their advice is usually way off. This program is like
talking to a smart friend who GETS it. Claire has made me feel optimistic about love for the first time in a long time. The modules are really fun to go through, and the worksheets are actually helpful (I was a little skeptical about the exercises, but they work!). I’d enthusiastically recommend this program to any woman who has become discouraged about finding the right guy.

“I have a secret superpower now...”

Claire is like the no-BS, wiser friend I wish I had. She’s a sweetheart, but she’ll give it to you straight… and no philosophical crap either &em; just real, useful step-by-step advice. I’ve learned so much and I really do feel like I have a secret superpower now. As an added bonus, this stuff is FUN! So if you were thinking homeworky drudgery, don’t. You’re going to have a blast with it.

“I now think of you as one of my dear friends!”

I’m sure that you hear this all of the time, but as I read this, I felt so special, like, “Oh my gosh, she wrote this for me!” I felt supported, like someone really knew all the pain that I was going through. Obviously, i am not the only one that has ever gone through this, but it was a first for me, and I felt pretty devastated. Thank you, Claire! I now think of you as one of my dear friends! Thanks for the advice!

— Dottie

The Pros

  • This program addresses nearly every relationship and dating issues women have
  • This is a very detailed course with loads of information and helpful content
  • The course is easy to follow and enjoyable to go through
  • You get a 60-day, no questions asked, full (100%) money back guarantee


The Cons: I really couldn't find any..

About Claire Casey


Claire Casey has spent years traveling the sometimes dazzling, sometimes dark and rocky paths that connect the hearts of men to the women they love. As a lifelong writer, she has studied and written about the ways men and women grow (or destroy) love. Unlike the spotlight-loving, entertainment-based celebrity relationship coaches, Claire isn’t a model or a TV spokesperson, and she doesn’t have a lot of academic letters after her name… She just quietly empowers women to attract the kind of man who will treasure and protect a woman’s heart like the rare and beautiful gem it is...

Claire Casey is a a fiendishly happy full-time writer, and a seemingly ordinary woman who has finally discovered her own relationship superpowers. 

She's not a professionally trained therapist with lots of alphabet letters after her name, but she's been writing about dating, romance, relationships, and sexual intimacy for years now, and can't imagine loving anything more. 

Claire is also a competitive boxer, and she writes and fights in North Carolina right between the mountains and the beach.


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