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guy online dating01What in the world has the internet done to dating? Have we really changed so much from the time before computers and cell phones – to now the age of the 21st Century? If there has been a change, is it for the better or the worst?

I really believe that life has changed from thirty years ago or so when it comes to dating, relationships and women. If you are in your mid thirties and older you will see a huge difference in our culture now. It use to be the man who played games to get him some action, the old love’m and leave’m scenario. You also saw women that were the primary and strong care givers to children. Men were the insensitive, strange to deep emotional types and women were guided solely by emotions and were the ones dying to be married. Of course there wasn’t an Internet for Socializing or Dating and even when it did come into the scene, it wasn’t the trend it is today. Now take a look around, a totally different world, women are much what the men were and men haven’t completely conformed. You go to a grocery store and you find men all on their own shopping with the baby or children, no woman in site. You see many single full time dads because a child is a burden to the women who gave birth to them. Imagine, if a child can’t hold a woman’s devotion, then how could a man? You have to realize that women are now a tougher crowd then they used to be. Used to a woman did everything to get their man to open up and show a little emotion, today if a man does that you just lost the game. Women are illogical creatures but that is one thing that has remained the same with them forever and that can work in a man’s favor still yet.

When I was younger between my teens and twenties, I had my friends, my cars, my motorcycles and many other interest. Did I like girls and want some hot interaction with them, hell yea, but was it my top priority in life? That would be a big NO!!! Because I didn’t care so much if girls were into me or not and that made them all go after me like crazy. This is still the same madness today, the only difference is, back then, once you got one, you could marry them pretty easy because marriage, a house, kids and forever was the American dream. The female crowd is a much harder audience now, so your inner game has to be stronger. I think men have gotten a bit softer over time, we mellowed like the women wanted us too, it just took so long for us to do it that they took on a different attitude before we could get where they wanted us. It is a constant wave of up and down of opposite ends, somewhere, sometime it will hopefully balance out but in the mean time, we have to adjust and figure out how to stand tall and be men. I was engaged when I was pretty young and in that time, I had girls coming over practically begging for sex or a secret affair. Then later I got married and then it got worse, everywhere I went I had my pickings of whomever I wanted just about. Then I got a divorce, all of a sudden I couldn’t pay a girl to give me the time of day, throw rocks at me or anything. What in the hell happened?

increase-confidenceYour Inner Game: I lost my inner game, divorce in itself no matter what the situation or if the divorce was the best thing that can happen to you, it is still a blow of failure. This can crush your confidence, your belief in yourself and definitely your positive outlook in life as a whole. This blow then affects the rest of your life. You can focus on your career, your hobbies, your friends and many other things and even excel at them better than before but these things are usually things that can’t hurt you emotionally. Even in other situations where you might be a geek, nerd or just feel you are too ugly, short, fat or too something that you either put yourself out of the game or let ridicule from insensitive jerks scar you. But the truth is, no matter what your situation is, your body type, your beliefs or status , you are the one that holds you back. It is taking control of yourself, you being in the power of you.

The internet is the most convenient way to meet other people but I found trying to succeed at it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Luckily I found there are programs like Online Dating Advice for Men that help guys who are no so great with women, especially online. Quite often men to think less of themselves because of pride or put unrealistic expectations upon themselves. Divorce or even a dating breakup can knock a man’s confidence down. No woman or anyone of any kind is better than you or should control you or own you. The secret to combat others from taking you down is self-worth, confidence and believing and knowing who you are. The main key to success at anything is a positive attitude, stay away from those who try and bring you down.

There are many Online Dating Advice for Men programs out there that shows how to step up your game but it boils down to you being you and being happy with with who you are. Most of these programs hit the nail on the head on these topics. Online Dating is yet another challenge, because no matter how in tune you are with your mojo, mastering Online Dating is something different. Basically like anything on the Web, it is marketing, a grand presentation which means you got to sell yourself. Selling one’s self sounds easy enough but in reality we need coaching, someone or something to layout a guideline. Most dating advice programs touch on this and how if you fail on asking a girl out, keep moving forward. There are more women than there are men, so we guys have choices and many opportunities. You don’t bank your entire existence and heart on one quest, setting yourself up for failure. No matter how good a program is, there are many girls out there that are just not worth your time no matter how hot they are. On-line dating is also another brow-beater for men, if you ever have tried it, you know what I mean. You get on a site paid or free or both at the same time. You message hundreds of girls and not get one response, then you think it is you. Well it isn’t you, it’s your approach and also think about how illogical women are, they look at a dating site like a store at the mall. They don’t care if you are the perfect man to marry or that you would die for them. No, they are looking at how tall a guy is, if he works out in the gym, status, the list could goes on. They are basically looking to see if you fit an idea or image they have. Things like “would this guy be impressive to my friends”, “would I look good with him standing next to me in my four inch heels”, or even “does the color of his eyes go with favorite colors that I wear”? Most of these women on these sites indicate they want a man that will love them, be there for them, no games and your thinking, “I am that man”. You write letting them know you are serious and you are that type and you never hear anything. Keep in mind what most women write, stating they want one thing when really they don’t know what they want and most women will admit, they have no clue what they want since it changes from day to day. There is a good on-line dating guide, The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating that has some real good advice and can help. Because on-line dating is a completely different beast and can take your confidence down more than help. I would recommend getting prepared before getting Online, setting up a profile and try this Online Dating Advice for Men because will put you in the driver’s seat to success.

You do have to be careful today with all the scam artist and products and programs that over promise and under-deliver but this Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating has been around for a while and has great reviews, otherwise I wouldn’t even mention it. There are some great Pick Up Artist (PUA) out there and then there are those that claim to be and do nothing for no one but take their money. Men are funny creatures, they assume they can figure anything out on their own and waste so much time and money trying to prove it. When it comes to Online Dating, wouldn’t you rather get a map or instructions to success and start getting women right away and enjoy play time more than holding your own-self back trying to prove to prove a point? There are many PUA’s out there with great reputations, I would suggest doing some research and pick the ones that have been around for a long time with great reviews.

If you would like to try and improve your Online Dating chances and try some things tonight, check these tips out. Remember, you are marketing yourself, you are trying to make a great sell to the opposite sex. Even though most women on dating sites are looking more at the physical attributes, they can be fired up by challenges and emotional approaches.

Your Photos:

  • Make sure you are not without a shirt unless you are swimming or at the beach. Women are turned off by a guy without his shirt on, especially a selfie. Doesn’t matter how well built you are, showing it off makes you look like you are more a girl than they are. Ever heard of keeping the mystery?
  • Make sure you are not in front of a mirror taking a selfie and especially if the room you are in looks like it was hit by a cyclone. This is your first impression to the ladies, so make it a good, one.
  • The best shots are you having fun somewhere, with other people. You want to look like you don’t need anyone. Girls can’t stand needy men, so don’t present yourself as one or that you are alone with no friends. You want to appear somewhat exciting.

Your Profile:

  • First thing you need to do is go and look at other guys profiles on more than one site. Get an average of all the lame and boring crap they write and don’t do that. Girls read about the same thing on all guy’s profiles.
  • You don’t want to sound like you love yourself more than anyone else could. You don’t want to sound like you are so great that the song “Can’t Touch This” was wrote after you. When you first start writing about yourself, that always seems a little boring and the same as everyone else, so I would suggest thinking about things you like to do. Dig a little deeper and think about things you like in a whole.
  • Compare what you have seen in other guys profiles and structure your profile apart from theirs and make it sound exciting but also just enough information to get their interest peaked but leave plenty to be a mystery.
  • Be sure to write about your interest and hobbies, places you have traveled but pick the ones you really have a passion for, the enthusiasm will show in your writing more. But again, compare yours to others and keep it from being boring, make it sound  unique and exciting.

Your Messages:

  • When you send a message, do not use, “Hey”; “Whats Up”; “Your Hot” or any of these type of short or single lined messages. These girls hot or not get 100’s of messages daily, so you need to write something that is going to turn on the Vegas Lights and get her attention.
  • Write around a paragraph long, any less she will feel you don’t think she is worth your time. Any more and you will start to lose her. So you have roughly a paragraph to WOW her, so make it funny, say things that will challenge her. Remember, women hate yes men, so it is OK to have a different opinion or idea than her and she will react to a difference of opinion. You know how many times they get told they are hot, so don’t sound like all the other guys that are getting nowhere. Make comments on what she is doing in her pictures or where she is at.
  • Say crazy things like you are looking to join a circus as a high wire act and thought she might like to join with you. Tell her you are fixing to give up on society and your moving to your own private island and would like her to accompany you, you need someone to cook and clean after you. These off the wall things will provoke responses and cause them to write back.
  • Never lie about who you are, the truth will come out at some time. You need to be honest but you don’t need to spill your guts on every aspect of your life. Dating online or off, you have to maintain some mystery. If you tell someone the end of a book, then the desire to read it is most likely gone.

You can try a few of these things out but if you really want some great solid advice from a real PUA, then check out this page by clicking on the button below.


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