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How to make money as a stay at home mom or dad

How to make money as a stay at home mom

The big question for many parents, especially the single ones is, how to make money as a stay at home mom or dad? Being a parent isn’t easy all by itself but when you are a single mom or dad raising one or more children, trying to have a job that fits you taking care of your kids is an almost near impossible task.


Parents who are married, or just live together, or live separately, still find scheduling their lives along with work a massive task. For single mothers or dads raising kids on their own, staying atStuck at home mom home usually makes things easier as far as managing the kids and the house but you have to pay bills and eat so is there a way to make money as a stay at home parent?

Not just parents but everyday people are searching for a way to work from home or make an extra income from home. There are many ways to make money outside of reporting to a location everyday but it seems finding these jobs or incomes isn’t an easy task.

The most popular way today is to find an income online. Most everyone has a computer and there are more and more opportunities on the internet all the time. Blogging has become one of the more common ways people make extra money if not replace their work income.

There are other options that I do not personally find beneficial because one of the things about working from home is that you are trying to create an income and at the same time free up your time. There are surveys, contest, watch videos, writing, website reviews, trading, selling and more. However with all these options, you need to see which ones that could suck up most of your time.

Many jobs are basically you trading your time for money but it seems as time has been progressing I think they call it, we are running short of it. We all seem to wake up to a “To Do List” and sadly that list always extends into the next day and then on into the next. There is your home that requires your time in keeping it up, bills to pay, kids to take care of, yourself to take care of and then the big chunk of your day goes into a job which at the end of the day, how much personal enjoyment time did you get?


A Traditional Income “vs” A Work From Income

traditonal job vs work at homeThere are those that have a good life with a job that they go to everyday with set hours and a steady income. Steady is great and many people have done a lot with this method of income. Knowing how to budget with what you have can make all the difference.

Some of the problems with that steady income life is that even though it seemingly is steady, it’s not. You never know when you are going to get that notice that you are terminated due to downsizing, closing the company or what have you. You are also stuck by rules that are dictated by someone else so you have to plan your personal time and your family time around what someone else wants.

Having a traditional job is most common and there are those that have the education and degrees that have placed them in a very comfortable lifestyle with the freedom and income they want. But unfortunately there are more that don’t have that then does. But in all honesty a person’s success can only be measured by what that individual really desires and needs out of life. So a low income person living in a one bedroom apartment may be as happy and feels just as successful as a millionaire. No one should ever judge someone else based on what they have or their income.

Traditional jobs create many stresses such as those unexpected events like you being sick or your kids being sick. You have to ask for time off and even possibly take a chance at losing your job over things that are going to happen and it is called life. There are some good employers that know and understand this but there are many that don’t care and that is where trying to raise a child on your own can become one of the most difficult things you can ever do.

With a work at home job or your own business, there comes stresses and risk that a traditional job isn’t as intense about. But the rewards of having a work at home income, especially when raising kids on you own are far greater than a traditional job. Read more about having your own business

Making money as a stay at home mom or dad can give you far more freedom for those necessary things you have to do. You can spend time with your kids and family and start living your life and enjoying it rather than waking up dreading it.

I know as a single full time parent, I have come to realize the older my child has become, the more I have to be at home or be free. There are always things at school I need to be free for, the running her over to friend’s houses or be at home for her to have friends over. Then there are those trips to the malls, book stores and so on. If I were tied up at a traditional job, I don’t know what I would do, and as a parent, you do everything you can to be there for your kids.


This Sounds Scary, So How Can You Make Money At Home?

it is scaryWe are creatures of habit, we all grow up going to school so that we can keep getting more education to get a job to buy things we want and then onto paying bills to keep a home and a family and then you fall into the grind, the habit. This is also known as the safe way, this is what everyone does so it is what you know, it is your “comfort zone”.

Starting your own business or trying to find some type of job that you can work from home is something that isn’t so much in the norm and many find this scary and risky and honestly, you would be an idiot not to think that. But success and trying to achieve your real goals and getting what you really want in life will come with risk.

Many people think that making money online is a get rich quick scheme and usually illegal or unethical. Truthfully there are those that have set bad examples but the internet isn’t bad, only people make it bad, there are just as many good out there if not more, you know like Amazon, eBay and many other stores you are buying online from.

Now you have some options at making money online and you should think carefully about which one feels like something you feel fits who you are and what you would be happy with. I am going to go over a few of the top ones listed below.

Websites that pay you for task: There are companies, businesses and website owners that will paymaking money online for certain task to be done. The task vary from taking surveys, testing products, shopping reviews to reviewing web pages on a site and things along this nature. It would be hard for task like these to replace your income but it can make you extra cash. Here are a few places that you can check out to get an idea of things you can do.

Fiverr – A global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job/task performed. These jobs and task are called “GIGS”, basically you offer your services of anything really starting off at $5. If you like to write, people are looking for someone to write an article for a website post. So you can offer so many words for $5 but that isn’t the limit. More words more money to even offering a full-time service. If you cook real well, someone may want cooking advice or if you know accounting you can offer help in that area. This is one of those income that depends on what you can offer that can determine some extra cash to replacing your income.

InboxDollars – This program where you take surveys, perform shopping task and cash offers or watching TV and things along this line. I would recommend when using sites like these that you may make better money by joining more than one to increase your opportunities. There are other similar sites you can sign up with like Survey Club and GlobalTestMarket. As I keep preaching, these type of incomes take time for little money but it requires no real skills and is easy to do so it may be worth looking into.

User Testing – I actually tried this one for a while and found it more frustrating than it was worth but there are many reviews how people are making decent money from this site. You will get paid straight to your PayPal account $10 for 10 to 20 minutes’ worth of work. Your task is to view websites of any kind, they provide you with a tool to record you talking as you browse the site. You are provided with instructions but you basically review and criticize an assigned website as you browse it. The frustrating part I found is you have to wait for an email with an assignment and you better be on top because you are not the only one getting that email, so it is first come first serve. However once you complete several assignments, they will assign you more direct task. Not a way to get rich but you can fairly easy make $100 to $200 a week if not more.

Project Payday – This is a site you have to be careful with but you also can make bigger bucks with. This program requires you to sign up for free trials and yes that means if you do not keep a good calendar, you will end up buying stuff you probably don’t want. However, if you can keep good records and keep a good calendar, this is a way t make more money than survey sites and such. Companies pay you for a free trial in hopes that you will forget to cancel or you will like the products and keep them. This is a little risky but if you are looking for a bigger income than you will get with surveys and site reviews, then this may be your better option.


Become a Freelance Writer: Freelance writing is one of the more popular and most common be a freelance writerways to make money online. Providing who you work for, what kind of content you write and how much time you have to invest in this type of work, this can be just some extra cash to a full blown income. When you first start out as a freelance writer, your earnings will not be that great because you are an unknown and like with anything, you have to prove you can do the job and build a brand from your work. In time you could be making from 50 cents up to a dollar per word. This can actually become an online business for you, many people need someone to write articles for their blogs, write a resume or even publishers need articles for their publications.

Usually to get started in something like writing, you have to provide either samples of some stuff you have written or sometimes fill in a sample form on their site. Having a resume that might support you have writing skills or even a decent LinkedIn profile will help. Not to worry, there are some companies that don’t care so much about your writing skills as much as what you write about such as your experiences or knowledge of something. Below is a list of companies you can get started with or at least look into seeing if it might be a fit for you.



A List Apart

International Living





Matador Network

The Penny Hoarder



Telecommute Jobs – Companies That Hire You To Work From Home:

work at home momIt is becoming more common now for companies to hire people to work from home. This is actually a cost savings to these companies because they don’t have to pay for to work in a physical building. Many people do not realize the cost to a company to hire an employee. There is the whole intake processing with drug screening, background checks and all the paperwork processing to an HR department.

An Employee intake process can cost up to $7000 per person and then you have to cover an employee being in a physical building with a liability insurance, not to mention the water they use and toilet paper/hand towels, coffee if provided and the list goes on. Then there is the expense of a physical building with all the rent, insurances and utilities.

So hiring someone to work from home is a big cost savings to a company. Now granted, you will not find a manual labor type job online but there are a lot of administration, technical, management and sales jobs you can work remotely. You can find many work from home job listings on Craigslist, look for telecommute jobs in any state or city. Check out the list below to get an idea of just some of the companies that hire remote employees.



Leap Force

Fast Chart

Demand Studios




There are many opportunities to make money online, there are also MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) programs out there. Most people think of MLM opportunities as a scam and usually they are. I am sure you have heard of the pyramid schemes and such, it is all about you getting followers under you and if they get followers below them, you make more money. I find this usually unethical so I am not going to venture into it too much.

There are a few MLM programs that still require you to recruit others but are not so bad as these are promoting products that are helpful to others and even work with some charities. So if you were to look at a MLM program, look for those that offer not only a good product or service but is also helping out a charity.


My Recommended Choice For An At Home Income – Become A Blogger

wrtie a blogThe options I listed above are great to make some extra cash and if you are bored with not much to do, I would say jump on it. However if you are looking to make real money, a passive income that can replace and exceed a traditional job, look into building an online business.

There are many e-commerce type business you can work from home, eBay, Shopify, Amazon and many more you can get involved with to make a living. The only issue with e-commerce is you are dealing with a physical product and you have to set yourself up with drop shipping methods and you open yourself up for a higher risk of returns. There are shipping cost that have to be calculated and some state taxes and the list goes on.

My preferred method is Affiliate Marketing, selling mostly digital goods. Digital goods require no shipping cost as delivery is an instant download. The world is in need of information, all the “How To’s” that people want to know. “How to have a successful relationship”, “How to build a storage shed”, “How to lose weight” and the list goes on. You may have purchased things like this already.

To have a successful business, you really need a website and this is where most people run the other way. When many think they have to build a website or pay to have that done, it becomes scary and way too much. Now there are free website builders and it is a way to get an idea out there but free website builders do not get found too easily so business won’t be good if ever launched.

Blogging is a big money maker and this is considered a business. People write about topics, write reviews and things along this nature. They create a name for themselves which this becomes a brand. People that read these blogs learn to trust the author so when the author recommends a product or service, people tend to buy.

Of course with a website, you can sell physical products as well, digital goods are easier but selling physical products as an affiliate such as Amazon is not too hard. Most people don’t realize, Amazon only offers 4% to 8% commissions, so unless you are selling high price merchandise, you won’t be making big money.

Getting started in having an online business can sound scary, overwhelming and not even possible for some. There are so many scams out there wanting your money to get you started in programs that do nothing but take your money and give you nothing. When I first started in affiliate marketing, building arip off con artist website wasn’t no big deal for me since I have years’ experience in the IT field but marketing I had no clue. So I found a company that for $450 gave me an already built website and was supposed to get me underway to making hundreds of dollars a week. Well I got a website that I could not access, all I could do is tell people where this site was and if anyone bought something from it, I got a commission.

This was a complete rip-off, without control over a website, you can’t make money. This company had some nice videos but none of it helped me make a dime, so I was out $450 but it was a lessoned learned. I took what they did give me and started researching myself how to make each step they half way taught work.

Then in my efforts of trying to learn this, I ran across a real organization that actually does help others become successful and the beauty is they have options. You can join them for free and follow the courses or you can pay with payment options along with that.  Of course the paid plan gets you far more training but what I like is you can follow the free training and start making some money to pay for the paid training to learn all the more.

With this group, you get support from a community of people just like yourself, some that are just figuring it out and there are some that are already making a killing online ready to pass the experience on to others. The biggest issue I have seen trying to figure out how to make an online business is most information out there is overpriced and they hand feed you information that isn’t complete. This training is complete and has awesome support.

So how to make to make money as a stay at home mom or dad? Get with others that share your interest and dreams. Surround yourself with optimistic and positive people that understand what you are join wealthy affiliatewanting to do. The place you need to check out is Wealthy Affiliate, try it out for free and that will sell itself. It is affordable, especially for all the support, training and tools you get. Even as a free member, you get two free websites to learn on how to build and a free keyword tool to help get yourself ranked in search engines.

Don’t let others tell you it can’t be done, too many are making a good source of income from blogging and promoting affiliate products online. The number one thing you have to do is just believe in yourself and never give up.

As a single full time dad, with all the time constraints a traditional job put on me, turning to an online business was really my only option and I am so glad I did. I would recommend trying this avenue before wasting time with surveys and other time sucking venture for little money. Check out Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself what you will get out of it.