Things can help

Its the little things clip01Even though we men make fun of women shopping, they just might have the right idea. Not all of us of course can afford to go out and buy something everyday but sometimes to buy the latest in technology, a new CD, new car or whatever your niche is, can actually boost your spirit. Often when trying to be practical, we tend to live with older things trying to get every last use out of them. At the same time though, we create frustrations and inconveniences that often clash with our busy and hectic schedules. 50

Wheres The Man01There was a time when a man was a symbol of strength and his word was gold. Today too many men are pretty boys or spoiled or feel a man is a man because they are ready to fight over the dumbest things. A man is someone who stands up for what he believes in, is not swayed from others opinions and is totally convicted in his stand but also listens with commonsense. 47

When you think of online dating, actually anything online, you think “what a cinch” or that “anybody can do it”, only to find out it is all just so frustrating. In reality there are many things online that are not straight forward and requires more skills and experience than you could imagine such as Online Dating. Many men and women every second of the day are online trying to find love, sex, romance or just someone to make some kind of connection with. 35

mobile-ruining-your-sex-life-1728x800-624x288So what is Romance in the 21st Century, what does it all mean, like where are you coming from man?

The idea of romance and dating are somewhat different today than they were lets say 30 to 40 years ago. Some things are the same but really different, especially in this new age of communication and technology. Reaching out is so easy but also so shielded, think how much more confident you feel to tell someone off or that you love them in a text or email than it is to face them in person. 124