Instant Chemistry

Instant ChemistryI have been on dating sites and one thing many of the women’s profiles have in common is that they write that they are going to know if there is this instant chemistry in the first 5 minutes of meeting a man. I can’t help but laugh at this and then scratch my head to wonder what happened to the smarts of people. 183

Online Dating

When you think of online dating, actually anything online, you think “what a cinch” or that “anybody can do it”. In reality there are many things online that are not straight forward and requires more skills and experience than you could imagine such as Online Dating. 101

Health and Fitness Builds the MindHealth and Fitness Builds the Mind, keeping healthy and fit are important but not only just for your body to work right but for your mind as well. When you are physically feeling good, your mind and spirit are as well. For one thing it gives your brain a break, it doesn’t have to deal with how to keep you functioning and deal with aches and pains or an under achieving body. 67

guy online dating01What in the world has the internet done to dating? Have we really changed so much from the time before computers and cell phones – to now the age of the 21st Century? If there has been a change, is it for the better or the worst? 166

Shy GuyMen can be funny when it comes to starting conversations, however their one tracked mind gets in the way sometimes. When it comes to wanting to start a conversation, men often focus on the hot model at a loud club surrounded by body guards, a bunch of drunk guys and feel they have to figure out techniques and awesome things to say to win her over.